Do It With Others: Sigrid Calon April – June 2015

April 14, 2015

Sigrid Calon

The Incubate-community and the inhabitants of Tilburg will team up to make the visual art project Do It With Others happen. Six artists will work on different projects during three months in 2015 and 2016. The artists who will present their work for Do It With Others are Sigrid Calon, Yona Friedman, Jeremiah Day, Camilla Steinum, Martijn Hendriks […]

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Incubate welcomes Klaus Biesenbach as curator at large

April 1, 2015

klaus biesenbach

Both Incubate and Klaus Biesenbach are known for removing barriers and for their provocative and unconventional approaches to both the music and the arts world. The renowned curator Klaus Biesenbach has been appointed as curator at large at Incubate. As a consultant in residence he will advise the festival on artistic affairs. Biesenbach is the […]

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[Incubated] Flexpo Mischa Doorenweerd: crackling tail to the golden wave

November 20, 2014


As you know, Incubate is trying to be more than only a vehicle for groundbreaking music. One of the things we’re heavily invested in, is bringing new and local visual artists. You are more then welcome to our Flexpo’s (pop-up exhibitions) in the coming months. November 23d is the second one in a row of […]

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We went on a Best Kept Secret safari and discovered some nice little bands

June 26, 2015

Foto 1

Safaripark Beekse Bergen is usually known for its journey of discovering wild animals but once a year, it turns into a place where you can also discover rather unknown and promising bands. We had the privilege to jump into this pool of promising bands during the third edition of the Best Kept Secret festival and […]

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[REVIEW] The food line-up of Best Kept Secret

June 24, 2015


You’ve already read a lot of reviews about Best Kept Secret. You know which bands we’re awesome and you know what parties were best attended. But have you already read a review about the food and drinks of the festival? No? Well you’re in luck, because this article is going to tell you in which line you’ve […]

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[Go See] Incubate @ Out Loud Brussels with Ggu:ll + Cocaine Piss + Daggers and more

June 4, 2015


Contents: – Practical info – Bio’s Incubate got invited to curate a mini-festival for the annual Out Loud festival in Brussels! Out Loud stands as a celebration at the end of the cultural season in Belgium. For one month live music, film and other activities grace the city of Brussels. Incubate brings a serious serving of the louder […]

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[Win] 1 x 2 Tickets for Deerhoof at EKKO, Utrecht

June 30, 2015


Last year Deerhoof performed at an evening organised by Incubated at 013, Tilburg. On July, 21 they will be back in the Netherlands for a performance in EKKO, Utrecht and you can win tickets for this show! Pitchfork called them “the best band in the world” so you certanly do not want to miss this. See […]

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[Win] 2 x 2 tickets for God is an Astronaut at W2, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

June 15, 2015


God Is An Astronaut make a strong claim to being the best Irish indie export of the 2000s, thanks to their mix of epic melodies of post-rock, the precision of electronic-fuelled Krautrock à la Tangerine Dream and elements of space rock. They will tour Europe in fall and they will perform in W2, ‘s-Hertogenbosch on […]

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