ZXZW changes name into Incubate

June 16, 2009


Hi Friends!!
We just wanted to let you know that we changed the name of our festival from ZXZW to Incubate today. We felt this name would suit our multidisciplinary arts approach better. We provide cutting-edge and fresh artists that make music, films, visual art or dance, a stage and a chance to contact a wider audience interested in Independent Culture.
Our new website is now located here: www.incubate.org.

Everything else stayed the same: the cool artists that come to Tilburg from 13 to 20 September 2009 for your enjoyment. Keep an eye on the website www.incubate.org, for there are new artists confirmed all the time. And of course you can still update our site yourself, and recommend artists to us via www.getsatisfaction.com/incubate!

More on Independent Culture can be found on our blog: www.inlog.org.

Hope to see you in Tilburg next September, and to meet you online through our site or social media!
If you have any more questions on the name change, please check the FAQ on the website :-)

The Incubate-team

By the way, the URL’s of our social media are all updated, so you can find us now at:
Last.fm user: www.last.fm/user/incubatetilburg
Last.fm event: www.last.fm/event/777777
Last.fm group: www.last.fm/group/incubate
Twitter: www.twitter.com/incubatetilburg
Twitter blog: www.twitter.com/incubateblog
MySpace: www.myspace.com/incubatetilburg
Facebook user: www.facebook.com/incubate
Hyves: www.incubate.hyves.net
Flickr: www.flickr.com/incubatetilburg

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