Today @ Incubate day #7: Nature, Dance, Blood and more

September 19, 2009

wardruna site

By now the artist stream flooding into Tilburg is getting enormous! What do you need to see? Everything! That’s right: it’s all worth it.

Just surprise yourself, don’t see only the things you already know.

Jandek, Misery Signals, Kayo Dot, Mad Professor, Tryee Cooper, Altaar, Jessica Bailiff, Shackleton, AU, Schlachthofbronx, Kraaklink, New Jacks, are of course a couple of the more familiar names today.

Two words will be uttered a lot today: Wardruna and Aktion.

Wardruna is a special folk project Einar ‘Kvitrafn’ Selvik (Jotunspor and ex-Gorgoroth). Wardruna creates ritualistic folk music with traditional instruments such as antlers and wooden logs, inspired by old runes. Fire, water, stones, and branches are use as well. The musical atmosphere that reminds one of an old pagan ritual site complete with trees, fires and druids, will become reality during Incubate as they will perform in an Amphitheater. With the mighty Gaahl of God Seed (also ex-Gorgoroth) on vocals.

Bus schedule:
Busstop will be the parkinglot alongside the Spoorlaan, facing the ABN Amro building. That is just 200 meters from the Info and Ticket Centre.

Bus ride 1 from Tilburg to Natuurtheater: 21.00
Lecture Kennet Granholm: 21.45 – 22.30

Bus ride 2 from Tilburg to Natuurtheater: 22.00
Show Wardruna: 23.00 – 00.00

Bus ride 3 from Natuurtheater back to Tilburg: 00.15
Bus ride 4 from Natuurtheater back to Tilburg: 01.00

Tickets for the bus rides (3 Euros for a return ticket) can be bought at the Info and Ticket centre at the Spoorlaan.

Click on the Wardruna @ Natuurtheater link for more info!

Hermann Nitsch part 6 of 6 from Incubate Tilburg on Vimeo.

Hermann Nitsch‘s Action is the most talked about Incubate happening this year.

Blood. Horror. Filth. Beauty? Rationality? Education? These are some of the ingredients the Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch uses and some of the questions his work raises. Highly controversial for some, highly regarded by others; Nitsch is someone you need to have an opinion on. Not to have one is not possible once you’ve seen the work by one of the instigators of performance art.

Location: 16:00-19:00 Zwijsenpand, Gasthuisring 58, Tilburg (the Netherlands).

Nitsch locatieclick the image for a bigger picture/ klik op het plaatje voor een vergroting.

The whole shabang:

Saturday 19 September

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