[inQ&A] Gum Takes Tooth

August 7, 2010

Less than two months until Incubate 2010. For the past few months we’ve been announcing new artists every week. But with 200 + artists coming up in September we can imagine you losing your hold. That’s why we compiled the Incubate 2010 Spotify playlist (http://incu.at/spotify). Subscribing to this playlist will get you acquainted with most of the Incubate 2010 bands.

Apart from their music, part of the getting-to-know-them-better-proces will also be us asking some of the artists a few questions in the upcoming months. The sixty-second edition in a series:

Gum Takes Tooth

1.Can you please introduce yourself?
We are Gum Takes Tooth. Our aim is to make noise that is both primal and astral using drums, a bundle of home grown electronics and voice. Cave rhythms and frequency exploration.

2.Where are you at the moment?
We’re at home here in London, finishing off our début album. We’re totally crazy about it.

3.Have you played in the Netherlands before and if so, what’s your view on or experience with the scene you’re operating in The Netherlands?
We’re not too familiar with the scene in the Netherlands but we played in Amsterdam once. The audience’s clothes seemed to vanish towards the end of the night. That’s always a good thing. We positively encourage nudity in absolutely any situation.

4.What can we expect of your gig at the Incubate Festival?
Heaviness, physical abandon and astral projection.

5.What are your plans for the (near) future?
Out soon is the follow up to our recently released debut single; a super limited edition transparent triangular 10” record, each individually lathe cut in the mountains of New Zealand with galvanized steel packaging. This will be followed by our debut album later in the year. We’ve got plans for various other releases including a track on a 3.5″ floppy disk and some compilations with some amazing bands that make us very humble.

One show we’re really looking forward to is a guerrilla gig on the bank of the River Thames here in central London next week. The walled-in so-called “beach” only exists for 5 hours a day so we’ll attempt to fight both time and seawater using sound waves and mental focus as weapons. Side by side with us in this battle against the laws of physics are good friends and consummate rock’n’rollers Bad Guys, also playing at Incubate, and the awesome Dethscalator. Check these guys.

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