[Win] Cd’s and shirts by adding texts, images and videos to our website

August 7, 2010

We wrote about it earlier. Our new website is online and you can start contributing. You can give artist, venue and event profiles your own spin. By editing our wiki-based biographies ā€“ which end up in our printed festival guide ā€“ YOU can provide other people with more info about our artists. Let the Incubate.org readers know how memorable a show was they did a few years ago, what the favorite colour of the drummer is, etc. Be funny, be critical, be wise, be original, but most of all: be informative.

Moreover, you can start adding images and videos to the artists’ profiles. By doing all this, you can win cd’s! For give-away we have cd’s from Neil Landstrumm, The Ex, Windmill, Believo!, Action Beat, Run, Walk!, Maths and The Skull Defekts and t-shirts from Maths and Hang The Bastard. Isn’t that great? Generating extra views for your favorite videos or pictures (or even the ones you made yourself) and being rewarded for it as well.

However, make sure that after adding stuff you send a mail to WIN[ATT]INCUBATE[DOT]ORG containing you username. This way we can check the contributions you made. If you encounter technical problems you can also send an e-mail to that address.

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