[Incubuzz] Zola Jesus, Bongo a Bang Bang, Women, Neon Indian

September 15, 2010

(Another Zola Jesus video here + a Fileunder.nl post)

News Flash

-Incubate Pirate Radio is on air! (107.00FM in Tilburg city centre!)
-Short review of The Ex at V39
-Interview with Black Mountain at The Quietus
-Lostpainters wrote about the third day of Incubate
Of Nie about the third day of Incubate
Danceblog about Generation Bass
Great pic of Women By Tom Roelofs!!
-Wilek Bierens’ photos
-Rutger Muller’s photos

Tweets about Incubate:

Check our Flickr for more pictures. Also make sure to check 3VOOR12/Tilburg Incubate festival page for reviews and more!

Today we have more for you in store! For more information on today’s program, check here.

If you’re tweeting about Incubate, or sending photos (from your cellphone) of Incubate 2010 stuff, you can tag them with this special Incubate hashtag: #incu10

If you do so, your tweets and Mobypicture photos will end up in our official backchannel, which you can visit via http://incu10.incubate.org. Keep your friends informed about the festival, even if they’re not able to visit it. They’ll love it!

Some videos from yesterday’s gigs:

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