[Incubuzz] Matt Mason, Omroep Brabant, Zea Session, Volkskrant Article

September 17, 2010

News Flash

  • 3VOOR12 wrote an article about Incubate
  • Rape Blossoms has beed added tot program. They will be replacing Nikoo (due to double pneumonia of the guitarist) on the 18th.
  • We heard something about a festival called Intrubate (?) starting today…
  • De Volkskrant wrote about Incubate today:

Tweets about Incubate:

Today we have more for you in store! For more information on today’s program, check here.

If you’re tweeting about Incubate, or sending photos (from your cellphone) of Incubate 2010 stuff, you can tag them with this special Incubate hashtag: #incu10

If you do so, your tweets and Mobypicture photos will end up in our official backchannel, which you can visit via http://incu10.incubate.org. Keep your friends informed about the festival, even if they’re not able to visit it. They’ll love it!

For more pictures, check our Flickr.

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