40 Worst of the worst music videos of the year, part two (30-21)

December 29, 2010

Yesterday we started with this list. But there’s more to come from crazy truckdrivers, and karaoke singers from hell. Here are some more of the worst of the best of 2010.

30) Poland again. Country of the best eighties re-releases. The mustache. The hair and the music. All perfect. Dance with the guy!

29) Anita & Ed are great Dutch entertainers. The woman really likes to sing. The guy is a bit of stubborn and does not like to perform. This song is about Chinese food.

26 Supersonic space, cars and lo-fi effects and metal, lots of metal. Deadly combination!

27) Decent German song about the tradition schlager theme called mailbox.

24) Two sweet German girls singing about Wikipedia, Google Maps and Twitter. Love this Schlager evolution!

25) Dutch trailer trash. Going to the pub, going to the fun fair and singing about luck.

24) Not to be confused with the other Zanger Bob. I just love the scratches and the scene at 2:12 where he sings about fucking for weeks.

23) They are not the most glamorous people. If they could sing it would not be a problem. But they can’t sing.

22) If you’re a rapper and you’re in a hospital you can still record a video.

21) A small, fat gangster kid that is just soooo popular. Imagine his life.

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