[Incu Thursday] First names for Incubate 2011 announced: Megafaun, Mater Suspiria Vision, Indian and many others

March 3, 2011

Hi there! This is Incu Thursday. From this week on, every Thursday, 14:00h local time, we announce the musicians that were confirmed for the Incubate 2011 festival during the past week. Whether it’s one or twenty name, as long as we have things to confirm… We have also added (legal) free downloads from every band where possible for your listening pleasure. Just click on the red/green arrows behind the artists’ name!

The first twelve names playing at Incubate 2011 are: Megafaun, Mater Suspiria Vision, Indian, Will Samson, Fostercare, Wheels on Fire, A Grave With No Name, Flying Horseman, Touchy Mob, SJ Esau, Herrek and Kyst. Below’s more info on the artists.

The official Incubate 2011 Spotify playlist is available here. Subscribe if you dare!

Megafaun (USA) – Mon 12/9 Link to Last fm Link to Facebook Link to Free Download Link to Spotify Link to Facebook Link to Twitter

After DeYarmond Edison broke up, a folk/alt-country band together with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, the well bearded brothers Brad and Phil Cook and Joe Westerlund decided to carry on with a new project which became Megafaun. With a certain love for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, the band branded their own sound with an inexhaustible source of mellow banjo picking, piano and acoustic guitars. Mixing this with slight hints of country and even harmonica blues sound effects gives the music a natural, traditional feeling. For fans of Akron/Family!

Last.fm Tags: folk, freak folk, experimental, indie, indie folk

Mater Suspiria Vision – Fri 16/09 (AFG) Link to Last fm Link to Facebook Link to Free Download Link to Spotify Link to Facebook

Some of you might have already seen Mater Suspiria Vision at Incubated 04, but we’re proud to also announce them for our witch house night on the Friday of Incubate. According to the band, this so-called ghost drone act has its roots in Afghanistan and made a name for themselves early 2010 when their myserious, yet intense videos popped up on YouTube. Soon old school VHS, CD-R’s and tapes circulated within the scene and Mater Suspiria Vision took the stage for a few rare live performances. Their vivid, visual driven performances will certainly get your freak on! Welcome to the witch house!

Last.fm Tags: witch house, ghost drone, electronic, psychedelic, new wave

Indian (USA) – Fri 16/9 Link to Last fm Link to Facebook Link to Free Download Link to Facebook

On the Friday of Incubate, god said let there be doom and therefore we have booked Indian for some doom aggressiveness! This American four piece, including ex-Wolves In The Throne Room member Will Lindsay, are known for their long, brutal low tuned riffs combined with a thick drone undertone. Thus by merging the misery and hate of Today is the Day with the heavyweight stoned doom sound of YOB, southern sludge filth and venomous vocals like Weedeater. Some ultimate rawness for the ‘Burners!

Last.fm Tags: sludge, doom metal, sludge metal, doom, drone

Will Samson (UK) – Fri 16/9 Link to Last fm Link to Facebook Link to Bandcamp Link to Free Download Link to Spotify

After a 4 month journey across Asia and the Himalayan Mountains, Will Samson returned to his mother land, the United Kingdom to begin translating his experiences into music which became the album ‘Never Give Up’. Whereas on this album the music has more of a post-rock feeling, his new album ‘Hello Friends, Goodbye Friends’ (April 2011) leans more towards mellow, atmospheric driven folk. Association to Bon Iver (or any of Justin Vernon’s music) goes without saying, as well as the atmosphere in the vein of The Album Leaf.

Last.fm Tags: mellow, acoustic, indie

Fostercare (USA) – Fri 16/9 Link to Last fm Link to Facebook Link to Bandcamp Link to Free Download Link to Spotify Link to Facebook

Young American producer Fostercare, based in Brooklyn started making music in 2007 and has released three EP’s under his name in 2010. But you might know him as well for sick remix from Die Antwoord’s ‘Enter the Ninja’ or his eclectic mixtapes. Blending creepy, dark ambient sounds with spaced out new wave synths and hypnotizing distorted electro breaks, Fostercare settles his own unique sound in the witch house movement. His performance at Incubate 2011 will mark his debut in the Netherlands, where we’ll finally see if his live shows will be as intense as his recordings! They probably will!

Last.fm Tags: witch house, darkwave, electronic, next-wave

Wheels On Fire (USA) – Sun 18/9 Link to Last fm Link to Facebook Link to Free Download Link to Spotify Link to Facebook

If you’re looking for some no-nonsense garage rock, Wheels on Fire should be right up your alley! The four piece is rocking like it’s the late 60’s again with energetic, organ-driven garage blues rock ‘n roll, mixing The Stooges with The Rolling Stones and Elvis Costello. The dirty dual guitar riffs from last year’s album ‘Liar Liar’ crack through your speakers and make you even forget they don’t have a bass player. Catchy as hell!

Last.fm Tags: garage rock, rock, now its time to dance, down home

A Grave With No Name (UK) – Sun 18/9 Link to Last fm Link to Facebook Link to Bandcamp Link to Free Download Link to Spotify Link to Facebook Link to Twitter

Based around the bedroom solo project of Alex Shields, A Grave With No Name has grown into a full three piece band nowadays. The band lies somewhere in between Pavement, Animal Collective and My Bloody Valentine, but given the wide range of genres you actually never know what to expect. Short tracks who sometimes range from warm distorted electric guitars to fuzzy acoustic pop with weird water or fire sound effects and echoing vocals on top. Intense and yet very atmospheric dream pop!

Last.fm Tags: dream pop, shoegaze, noise pop, alternative, noise

Flying Horseman (BE) – Sun 18/9 Link to Last fm Link to Facebook Link to Spotify Link to Facebook

The Belgian response to Woven Hand/16 Horsepower so to say is Flying Horseman, based around lead singer/guitarist Bert Dockx from Antwerp. Well structured, intimate alt-country songs with a thick folk feeling over them, but with danger just right around the corner. Think of the same melancholic line in their tracks as Woven Hand mixed with psychedelic blues solo’s which also calls for comparison to their country mates from Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat (ZXZW 2007).

Last.fm Tags: psychedelic, blues, space rock

Touchy Mob (DE) – TBA Link to Last fm Link to Facebook Link to Bandcamp Link to Free Download Link to Facebook Link to Twitter

Strangely enough, Touchy Mob didn’t perform in the Netherlands thus far, but will soon be a well requested performer if you ask us! Berlin’s Ludwig Plath is known for his remixes and covers of acts like Bear in Heaven, Au, Kyst (which he also plays in) and Caribou and his own music sounds like something in between these acts. “Folk techno” as he self-describes his music, but he’s actually best at coming up with new genres and influences on every EP or full length he puts out (for free, by the way). Diversity is the key to Touchy Mob!

Last.fm Tags: idm, electronic, folk, techno

SJ Esau (UK) – TBA Link to Last fm Link to Facebook Link to Free Download Link to Spotify Link to Facebook Link to Twitter

Those familiar with the Anticon label (Beans, Why?) know you’re never dealing with some ordinary act. SJ Esau, the project of Sam Wisternoff who was first signed to a label at the age of 10, is no exception! The output is a mix of pop/folk which sometimes burst out in chaotic noises, being backed by the vocals of Portishead’s Charlotte Nichols. With a dose of humor (like backing vocals by his two cats) and rich influences from UK’s underground hip-hop/trip-hop scene, SJ Esau adds something brand new to modern pop music.

Last.fm Tags: experimental, anticon, bristol, folk, choke

Herrek (NL) – TBA Link to Last fm Link to Facebook Link to Bandcamp Link to Free Download

In 2008, the attendees of the ZXZW festival were treated by the performance of bombastic indie-noise band Bonne Aparte. In the same year, frontman Gerrit van der Scheer (also ex-guitarist of Adept) formed a new side project called Herrek. After the release of the Hyenas EP on his own Samling Recordings late 2010, Herrek has been working hard on the debut full length album Woman, the Dragon which is due out soon. Unlike his previous work, Herrek focuses more on the lyrical content as well as harmonic compositions, blended into modern indie-rock with folk and even some minor tribal/traditional instruments, perhaps related to Gerrit’s Indonesian background.

Last.fm Tags: dutch, groningen, birp

Kyst (PL) – TBA Link to Facebook

New weird Polish freak folk sounds a bit weird, but is actually the most accurate description to be given to Kyst, due to the the variety of genres this band explores. The four piece (although performing at Incubate as a three piece) has Norwegian roots but currently residences in Poland, blending musical influences from both countries into one. This, mixed with elements from post-rock, indie and a little touch of noisy improv comes close to Akron/Family, Grizzly Bear, Tortoise and their label mates Au (Incubate 2009).

Last.fm Tags: experimental, folk, freak folk, indie, post-rock

Attending Incubate 2011?`
Please let us know on Facebook and Last.fm. Our (temporary) Incubate 2011 website will be launched very soon! From now on we will announce new names every week where possible, so keep an eye out for the blog, or your favorite Social Media channel every Thursday at 14:00h. And of course, share with your friends!

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