[Generation Bass] It Takes a Nation of 2 Million To Hold us Back Volume 2

April 13, 2011

Generation Bass hit the 2 million visitor landmark! To celebrate this fact they put together a free compilation which you can download by clicking the links after the break below. Because there where so much tracks coming in, they decided to cut it up into 3 different volumes. This is the second edition, check out yesterday’s compilation here. Also be on the look out for the final version tomorrow!

From the Generation Bass blog:

“So back for Day 2, Volume II of the great Generation Bass Swindle.  We hope you enjoyed Day 1, Volume 1.

So yesterday we had xclusives from George Lenton, FLeCK, Diamond Bass, B.O.B and Boyfriend and a whole bunch of other stuff traversing the genres like a grasshopper suffering with ADHD!

Today, we got xclusives from Sabbo, Process Rebel, Flore, Broad Rush, SDP, Doma Tornados, Rafa from Frikstailers and Okulus’s NPO. Plus loads of other great tracks donated to us for this compilation by  a bunch of people who we totally <3!”

Check out some tracks here:

Raw (Flore MoombahRAWn remix) by Flore

Onyenze – Onwa Nna Na Nwa (Schlachthofbronx Remix) by schlachthofbronx

Conceptualized, Compiled and Realized by Generation Bass – Vince & Umb.

Sequencing and Mastering by Vincent Koreman.

DOWNLOAD GB – It takes A Nation part II





It Takes a nation of 2 Million To Hold us Back

[a generation bass compilation, part II]

1. Onwa Nna Na Nwa (Schlachthofbronx Remix)

2. Sabbo – Change Riddim

3. Tatu – Not Gonna Get Us (Liquid Stranger Remix)

4. Celt Islam – Pressure

5. Bad Boy Bass (Process Rebel remix)

6. Flore – Raw (MoombahRAWn Remix)

7. Neki Stranac & Caballo – Punkass (this is some heavy shit)

8. Broad Rush – Morphine

9. Sidecar Tommy (Beats Antique) – Bangin Beauty

10. Puzzle – Cavtch

11. SDP vs Mr Sakitumi – Pacmanimals Cumbia

12. 3re & Pirate Pillager & Cabs – Rebelde(Rebellious Riddim)

13. Toten – Retina It (Doma Tornados Version)

14. Pan Agnostix Okulus Anomali & Herakles – Non Prophet Organization

15. Dj Rafa Caivano – the Salmon Cumbia

artwork credit: b-positive.gr (http://www.b-positive.gr/)

all tracks distributed FREE by generationbass.com

all tracks courtesy of the artists, support them!

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