[Special] Inlog.org tips Roadburn 2011: Recommendations by Maarten Koehorst (Sounds, Tilburg)

April 13, 2011

With the Roadburn 2011 festival just around the corner (tomorrow!!), we have selected some of the wisest men in the music business to recommend you their favorites! This is the fifth and last part in a five part series. Maarten Koehorst from the record store Sounds in Tilburg has selected his 3 must-see acts for the festival!

Winterfylleth will start of early on the Thursday of Roadburn, yet they have every potential to become one of the highlights of the festival. With one of Roadburn’s favorite bands, Wolves In The Throne Room, being absent this year, someone has to fill their shoes and Winterfylleth will certainly do so. Expect atmospheric black metal with an English Anglo-Saxon lyrical themes. The sun may be shining outside, but the Green Room will bleed black!

Blending black metal with noise and drone elements, the female-fronted two-piece Menace Ruine is certainly a must-see. They are currently on tour with Aluk Todolo (Incubate 2009), but have also supported the likes of Watain. Make sure you also head over to the merch tables in the V39 if they have their limited EP on Luchtrat Recordings with them (label of the singer of Alkerdeel!)

The six-piece Rwake have been around since 1996 but haven’t made it on European soil that much. Those fortunate to see their show at Hellfest last year, where they flew in just for one show, have every reason to believe this is a band you cannot miss out on at Roadburn! Rwake produces the absolute bleakest of the bleakest sludge around and bring some filthy negativity to the attendees of Roadburn. Highly recommended!

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