[Preview #14: Saskia Schreven, Niels Ballemans] 1 more day to send your work for the Open Source Expo at Incubate 2011!

June 19, 2011

Are you active as an amateur or professional artist? Want to show your work to a broad, international audience? Apply for the Open Source Expo Now! Deadline is set on June 20th. More info here or send an email with max 3. small jpegs and description to merijn@incubate.org.

Every day, ’till June 20th we will highlight some of the work the artists have handed in for our Open Source expo. We’d love to receive some of your work as well!

Today’s artists are:

Saskia Schreven – “Clichés, secrets and the mundane often contain special surprises. Although you may not talk to strangers, have to whisper in the elevator, and there is no one waiting for your opinion.” Check out her website over here.

Niels Ballemans – “Big, raw, direct and colorful paintings. Ragged, sometimes brutal, primitive and jagged drawings. In Almost everything his work seems to counter his own friendly and social character.” Check out his website over here.

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