Incubate VS. Gifgrond – Cultuurnacht Tilburg

October 19, 2011

The cultuurnacht (Culture Night) in Tilburg is an annual event and this year it takes place on the 29th of October. The city of Tilburg will host all kinds of different music/art/dance/film throughout the city and it’s venues. As you may know Incubate is an independent culture organization, therefore we’re is hosting an evening during the cultuurnacht. Together with Gifgrond  we bring acts like Illum Sphere, Lucky Dragons, The Feeling of Love and Sightings for your enjoyment. Beside those, there will be a book presentation by Koen Delaere. The doors open at 20.00 and the first act is lined up at 20.30, the evening will last until 2.00! The address is Gasthuisring 19G, Tilburg and the doorprice is Pay What You Want! We hope to see you there!

Illum Sphere

Let’s be honest: we’re extremely proud to have Illum Sphere to close our Incubate Vs. Gifgrond edition. Not because he was at the official Radiohead release party in NY a week ago. Not because he made an official remix for Radiohead’s cd amongst the likes of Caribou, Four Tet, Modeselektor and Jamie XX. No, we’re proud because we impute Illum Sphere a great future. His smooth, dark and bass-driven dub is well-crafted, unique and, well, amazing. While every blog on the Internet raves about the next big thing, Illum Sphere was mysteriously enough kept outside of the hype machine. Although he was recommended by Gaslamp Killer, Mary Ann Hobbs, Daedelus and Thom Yorke.
After afore-mentioned releaseparty, Illum Sphere’s star is rising fast. So make sure you’re there. This is probably the last time he is to be found is such a small location.

Lucky Dragons

For a unique liveshow, you should definitely check out Lucky Dragons. Don’t worry, we’re not going to drench you in weird experimental avant-garde drones. Although Lucky Dragons is experimental, it’s smooth, clear and at times even poppy. Like Animal Collective, Four Tet and chillwave-acts like Toro Y Moi. People who visited the shows of Sleep Party People, Daedelus, Picastro and Man Man on Incubate 2011 should check this out as well. Either way, a liveshow of these Americans is not to be missed. Combining live-music, video installions and audience participation, Lucky Dragons will create a world of their own at Incubate Vs. Gifgrond. And with over 18 releases in their backpack, they’ve got material enough to keep you entertained.

The Feeling of Love

Space garage. That’s what they call it. So who are we to disagree? The Feeling Of Love started out in 2006, because ‘the postulate was to play on the garage blues and no-wave’s codes in order to find a primitive, repetitive and minimal idea of rock’n’roll’. So who are we to disagree? Thusfar, they released two LP’s (Petite Tu Es Un Hit & OK Judge Revival) that transformed their sound because ‘the blues and repetitive gimmicks that were the driving force to reach a trance state were being perverted by krautrock and psychedelism’ (who are we to disagree?), so they made kraut space garage since then. If you still have no idea what to expect, think: Velvet Underground, Suicide, Oblivians and a bit of Neu! thrown in.


According to our booker, Sightings is the best band from New York City. We’ll let you figure that out for yourself. But you have to admit, that this band is, to keep it streetwise, the shit. Fans of HEALTH, Pissed Jeans and Wolf Eyes should fall all over this. These New Yorkers (not exactly a new band, with 6 albums up their sleeves already) bring their noiserock with hints of no-wave and with a steady groove. So this is probably going to be loud. But Stereogum said about their liveshow ‘they’re one of the most intelligently uncompromising front folks in the scene’. And we believe them on their word.

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