[Win] Incubate’s Outrageous Ticket Give-Away Bonanza: 2×2 Shining!! (Norway)

October 27, 2011

And that was the Glorior Belli ticket give-away. We could only make one of you happy, so that didn’t take that long. Now, for the last metalshow in our Incubate’s Outrageous Ticket Give-Away Bonanza: Shining! (Those guys from Norway.) And with them our good friends of Dead Neanderthals! (Incubate 2011) In Doornroosje! November 9th!

A quartet classically schooled musicians that started out as a jazzband in 1999. Until Shining turned to metal in 2005. That sounds like a 180 degrees from their roots, but that’s not the case. The music on  ’In the Kingdom of Kitsch You Will Be a Monster’  is still a jazzalbum. It’s just played and filled with metal guitars and drumming. They perfected their sound on their last album ‘Blackjazz’, mixing metal, jazz and industrial to their own genre,  called err… blackjazz.
Dead Neanderthals aren’t unknown anymore for the most of you. The grindcore/spazzjazz outfit already performed on Incubate 2011. They gave an impressive 15-minute beating and topped it by giving everyone a free disc. Lovely fellows!

So do you want to win those tickets? Mail us to win@incubate.org, put ‘Ticket Bonanza: Shining’ in the subjectline and the first two to respond win 2 tickets!

Good luck!

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