Interference – Schaduwspel @ The centre of Breda

November 18, 2011

IDFX is organizing the project Interference – Schaduwspel in the centre of Breda. The premiere date is the first of December and the event will last until the 11th of December. The project is about interference on the area of art & science and a mutual interference of artists with their audience and location. With Interference IDFX wants to explore the limits of what art means in science and what science means in art. Mile stones in science are the important factor in this project. Interference – Schaduwspel consists of projections throughout Breda, the worldpremiere of ‘t Turfschip van Breda and a performance of Sculpture (UK).

The opening of Interference – Schaduwspel is taking place on Thursday December the first in association with het Huis voor Beeldcultuur. The official opening of Interference – Schaduwspel by elderman W. Willems will be at het Kasteelplein on 20.45. After the opening there will be a world premiere of t’ Turfschip van Breda. An animation that is set in 1590 in Breda. The Spaniards have occupied Breda for almost 10 years. A skipper begins a voyage to the Castle of Breda where the occupiers are stationed.
Afterwards there will projections on the walls and the windows all over the centre of Breda. The artist of these projections are: Studio Smack (NL) / Floris Kaayk (NL) / Christine Schulz (D) / Borre van der Hoeven (NL) / Noortje Haegens (NL) / Hessel Stuut & Foss Collective (NL) / Israel Martinez (Insonora) (MEX) / Mario Gutiérrez Cru (P) / Steph Byrne (Etalage Innercity NL) – DVD-project (Int). The projections can be seen everyday between the hours of 17:00 – 24:00.

The timetable for the opening of Interference:

19:00 Doors will open at het Huis voor Beeldcultuur, Reigerstraat 16, 4811 XB Breda
19:30 Opening het Huis voor Beeldcultuur
20.45 Opening Interference Het Schaduwspel by director Paul Hagenaars and alderman W. Willems, Kasteelplein
21:00 Premiere ‘t Turfschip van Breda from Studio Smack
21:30 Walk along the Interference projections, the artists will be present
22:30 Performace Sculpture (UK) at het Huis voor Beeldcultuur

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