[Announcement] The Strange Boys on Incubated 16!

December 20, 2011

We are very proud to announce a new band to our Incubated nights. The Austin, Texas-based band The Strange Boys will perform at Incubated 16 on April 5th, 2012 in Paradox!

The Strange Boys
It isn’t the first time that The Strange Boys will play in Tilburg. In 2010 they performed in 013 to promote their album ‘Be Brave‘. They even had a small hit with the same-titled song. People who were there, saw a ramshackly garage band give a mindblowing performance, with frontman Ryan Sambol completely loosing himself in the songs.
We’re almost 2 years further since then, and they have their third CD out: ‘Live Music‘. (That’s not a live record by the way.) On that album, they reserve a permanent role for country-music within their garagerocking vibes. It makes their sound  less punk, but it still has that raw pub-feel to it, with a notable role for the piano. If their debut was their boozing record, and ‘Be Brave’ was their trappist beer record, than ‘Live Music’ is their American Whiskey record. This is a band of youngsters growing older, with their own state of mind, firmly rooted in Texas. It’s also a band that keep developing their sound into something that’s completely their own.

You can buy tickets for The Strange Boys @ Incubated 16 here or via the ticketshop below! You can also get tickets for the other upcoming editions:

Incubated 13: Malcolm Middleton (solo) & Luik on January 5th
Incubated 14: Library Tapes & Sleepingdog on February 2nd
Incubated 15: Pterodactyl on March 1st

Check out the events here on Facebook or visit the Last.FM event to see who of your friends is attending.
We’ll see you up front!


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