[Spotifriday] Your weekend soundtrack – Week 9

March 2, 2012

The weekend is approaching so we got some new albums on Spotify that you should check out. Besides Monolake all the bands/acts are coincidentally all boy/girl-duo acts. Perfect soundtrack for the upcoming spring?

Talking about checking out; Did you already saw our new Spotify-playlist with artist who play at Incubate 2012?

Memoryhouse – Little Expressionless Animals Luckly the winter is almost over, so let’s change the music to something more brightfull! Memoryhouse is coming from Toronto, Canada, and probably it’s the same place where this photo of the cover is taken. They combine dreampop with chillwave, so that sounds like the perfect soundtrack for your upcoming spring. This record is released by Sub Pop. Not really suprising if you hear that bands like Beach House, Blouse, Still Corners and Washed Out are on the same label. This is also the kind of music that you have to think about.
For fans of: Beach House, Blouse, Still Corners, Washed Out

Listen to Memoryhouse – Little Expressionless Animals on Spotify

Monolake – Ghosts Monolake are two producers from Berlin who are making dark, twisted minimalistic eletronical music. This album cover and title, Ghosts discribes exacty their sound. When they started to make music back in the days, one of the members was Gerhard Behles, nowadays CEO from major music program Ableton.When Behles left, Torsten Pröfrock replaced him and continued working on music with Robert Henke. By the way, if you like this record, next friday they will be playing live at 5 Days Off together with visual artist and Dutch man Tarik Barri.
For fans of: Deadbeat, Burial, old IDM 

Listen to Monolake – Ghosts on Spotify School of Seven Bells – Ghostory From an album called Ghosts to an album called Ghostory. So the name is a bit similiar to the new album of Monolake, but don’t confuse it with the sound of School of Seven Bells, because that’s pretty different! The music is made by Benjamin Curtis and Alejandra Dehaza and this is already their third record. Some earlier albums were sometimes a bit hazy, this new record is more electropop with real songs it. Fact; This also released on electronical record label Ghostly (What, are we talking about Ghosts again?!) what we told you earlier about.
For fans of; Zola Jesus, Love Inks, Glasser

Listen to School of Seven Bells – Ghostory on Spotify

Xray Eyeballs –  Splendor Squalor One of our programmers came earlier already with Xray Eyeballs, but now their new album is officially released and streamable at Spotify. This duo makes lo-fi garagerock with some new wave influecences and is partly known from the band Golden Triangle.
For fans of: Beach Fossils, Blondie, Cloud Nothings, Super Wild Horses

Listen to Xray Eyeballs –  Splendor Squalor on Spotify


The man behind NZCA/LINES, Michael Lovett, is not the first who admits that he is really inspired by 90’s R’n’B music. Same as artists like James Blake, The xx and Jamie Woon he has  listed a lot to artists like Aaliyah when he grew up. That’s why his tunes are also really polished and sound like Timbaland produced. But give this music also a change oi you don’t like this kind of music. Lovett is still a creative guy, who played in different bands, so the music is still acceptable with your cool friends.
For fans of; The last record of Hot Chip, Air, Passion Pit

Listen to NZCA/LINES – NZCA/LINES on Spotify

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