Our Hermann Nitsch Performance hit “Die 10 verrücktesten Kunstaktionen” by Bild Zeitung

March 30, 2012


In 2009 we did an extensive project on performance artist Hermann Nitsch. This week it hit Bild Zeitung, the biggest German tabloid. They’ve put it in the top 10 list of the most   Check the whole list right here.

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[Review] Young Fathers reach a highly energetic level in 013

March 2, 2014

Young Fathers 01-03-2014-4

Young Fathers at 013, Tilburg. Photo by Simon Verlinden. Carnaval has fully reached Tilburg while on the 1st of March, 013 was about to turn into a temple of futuristic hiphop and R&B. With the help of psychedelic hiphop boy band Young Fathers, those expectation were about to be confirmed.  By: Fleur Rohof The night started […]

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