[Spotifriday] Your weekend soundtrack – Week 15

April 6, 2012

With last week’s Incubate Scene Report, yesterday evening Incubated and yesterday of course also the Incu Thursday we are a bit busy at the moment. But of course we made some time to find the best new releases on Spotify so got some good music if you are visiting your granny this Easter.

Yppah – Eighty One

With his ‘breakthrough’ album You Are Beautiful At All Times the music of Yppah was used for series as House and CSI. Now Joe Corrales Jr., the man behind Yppah, is back with a brand new record called Eighty One. On 4 out of 11 tracks Corrales worked together with Anomie Belle, who he met when he was touring with Bonobo. This new album, again released on Ninja Tune, is not really different compared to the first couple of albums. Again Corrales made a nice record with breakbeat and added some atmospheric electronics. Maybe not really surprising but all his records got a constant quality

Listen to Yppah – Eighty One here


Bear In Heaven – I Love You, It’s Cool

We received this album already a month ago, so we were already known with the album. And it’s possible that you listened to this album a few months ago, but maybe it was a bit slow. Now the new album of Bear In Heaven is finally, in the right speed, on Spotify. The follow-up to the very well-received album Beast Rest Forth Mouth got even more electronics, but doesn’t loses his essence. We  were a bit disappointed that the tension of the last album is gone, but luckily they are still capable of making good songs, for instance Sinful Nature.

Listen to Bear In Heaven – I Love You, It’s Cool here


White Fence – Family Perfume Vol. 1

“This is freak your fucking mom out cause she caught you naked in the back yard blasting this shit rock.” is what former collaborator Ty Segall said about this new record by White Fence. Family Perfume is divided into the volumes, this week the first one and in the middle of May Volume 2 will be released. The man behind White Fence, Tim Presley who by the way also recorded with Incubated-band The Strange Boys, made a record with lo-fi garage pop songs which something sounds like the 60s. Grungy, creaky songs with sometimes some psychedelic guitar and organs.

Listen to White Fence – Family Perfume Vol. 1 here


Human Teenager – Animal Husbandry

Ok, let’s be honest; this album is probably not gonna win the contest for most beautiful cover art. But luckily the music compensate a lot. Human Teenager is a duo which consist Incubated artist Gary War and Taylor Richardson, who is known for Infinity Window. Together they also form the record label Fixed Identity. The music is pretty similar to what they are releasing on their label; noisy psychedelic music which is filled with analog synths and drum machines. If you are done with Human Teenager and you want to hear some more Gary War, go check out his live set on Incubated

Listen to Human Teenager – Animal Husbandry here

Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls

We end this Spotifriday with one of the sensations of the moment. Especially at SXSW two weeks ago Alabama Shakes was one of the most discussed bands. Now finally, after a few months of buzzing, the band released his debutalbum called Boys & Girls. Brittany Howard, the female leadsinger of the band, gets almost al the attention with her soulfull voice. The formar postman brings back blues like The White Stripes and The Black Keys do; with a complete new spirit and attitude they make the retrosoul relevant again.

Listen to Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls here

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