What to expect of The Haxan Cloak at Incu12? Live-album announcement + preview

June 27, 2012

Incu12-artist The Haxan Cloak aka Bobby Krlic, earned much acclaim for his debut, self-titled LP. Since then he signed to Tri Angle (home to oOoOO, How To Dress Well etc), and is now working on a new album for the label. The Latitudes session serves as a stop-gap until it materializes.

“This recording is about trying to re-interpret my own work, I think,” says Krlic. “I never want to give a straight recreation of any of my recorded material when I play live – one reason is because it is too logistically difficult, but the main reason is that I just don’t think it suits me as a performer; it makes me feel uncomfortable. I like to treat performance as a composition also – a different beast. So on this Latitudes session, and when I play live generally, I think of it as me remixing my own work essentially. If my recorded music so far exists within one sphere, I’d like to try and move the live element to a completely different sphere – I don’t like the notion of being stuck in one place, or pigeon-holed, I guess.”

The LP is officially out on July 9 in a limited run of 700 vinyl and 500 CDs, both featuring original artwork by Krlic, and all hand-numbered. More information here.

Here is an excerpt of The Men Parted The Sea To Devour The Water.

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