[Incu Tuesday] Global Mashups vol 2, Jan Jelinek, Rudi Zygadlo and many more for Incubate 2012

July 10, 2012

The announcements of today are sure to get you on your feet during Incubate in September. If it’s not zoning out to some glitchy ambient then it has to be hip swinging to cumbia. Also the Global Mashup combinations of modern producers featuring non-Western artists are known to shake one’s leg. These following artist will give you something to dance to.

Let’s start with the German producer and label boss Jan Jelinek, to follow with the Scottish musical architect Rudi Zygadlo. Self proclaimed tropi-punkers and everybody’s favorite all girl cumbia orchestra Kumbia Queers know how to trow a good party. To make it a Frietboerism showcase we added Ivolve to play with fellow label mates Filosofische StilteFrietboer and Eigenheimer in Cul de Sac on Wednesday, free of charge.

Generation Bass presents Global Mashups vol 2. and brings together vocalists, artists and producers from India and Indonesia, and have them work with upcoming stars in modern dance genres like dubstep, skweee, moobahton and tropical house. This project is powered by Hivos, the Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation. We’re proud to announce this amazing list of collaborations:

Kelpe (UK) & Shreyas Dave (IN)
Kangding Ray (FR) & Mayur Narvekar (IN)
d’Eon (CAN) & Runa Rizvi (IN)
Gang Colours (UK) & Mahesh Vinayakram (IN)
Xander Harris (USA) & Nova Ruth (ID)
Neki Stranac (SRB) & Mc Bellal (ID)

 Are you planning on attending Incubate 2012? Go to Facebook and Last.fm so you can see who of your friends are going as well and stay up to date on the Incubate 2012 news! Passepartout tickets are now for sale for €75- as well as Daytickets for €15 to €27,50.

Tune in on our weekly updated Spotify Playlist to listen to the confirmed artists.

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