[Incubate Week Blowout] Week 7

February 15, 2013

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After a week of hard long work in a sweatshop, ice cream factory or animal petting zoo, most people come home and blast some Fleetwood Mac. But seeing as not all of us are Stevy Nicks, we occasionally like to listen to some new music. Every Friday we assemble a nice list of the most interesting songs for you to blow out the week and start the weekend. So stop doing the Harlem Shake for and listen to the Incubate Week Blow Out!

Why did we pick these tracks?

  1. In 2011 Trevor Powers managed to drag the rest of the world into his bedroom with his sublime dreampop debut album. Now Trevor a.k.a. Youth Lagoon is back with another beautiful track titled ‘Mute‘ from his upcoming album ‘Wondrous Bughouse‘. With an epic build and lovely haunting middle guitar riff, this track (his longest yet) is a perfect dreamers song. Start staring.

  2. Techno Wunderkind Sascha Ring  a.k.a. Apparat is also back. Together with a 30 piece ensemble (which included his Apparat Band) he made  an album based on a theatre production of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Originally not meant for an official release, Sascha decided to make it available for the public (the album is out this monday) after he gave it a swing trough his studio. We are happy he did. (Apparat is giving a Dj-set on the upcoming STRP festival)

  3. A couple of weeks ago the internet exploded into a tornado of hate, razors, and a disease of your choice. All because The Strokes released a track that didn’t really sound like The Strokes. Was it deserved? We don’t know. This week they kinda made up with a new track titled ‘All The Time‘ from their upcoming album ‘Come Down Machine‘.
    Is it better? We don’t know. At least, we’re not going to make a ‘
    Is This It‘ joke. Not yet.

  4. If you only have a ten minute break at work, just to take a smoke or whatever, play ‘Wakin On a Pretty Day‘. The new Kurt Vile song has the ability to bring you into a state of mind the way only a good song can. At 9 minutes it takes you places, and like the weekend, it’s over before you know it.

  5. And after all those beautiful songs, a swift kick to the face from the Cancer Bats. They released their Black Sabbath tribute album last week titled ‘Bat Sabbath‘. Listen to them cover ‘N.I.B.’

  6. Dead Neanderthals feels like a band who perfectly master their instruments, and then try to goad us into believing their only trying to destroy them. Plissken is a new intense song from the jazz duo. It’s quite the listen.

  7. Rainbow Arabia played Incubate last year and we were pleasantly surprised by their catchy synth pop. The duo’s new album is called ‘Fm Sushi‘ and is out in April. Last week they released a new track called ‘River’s Edge‘, a haunting track on which singer Tiffany Preston’s voice slightly resembles The Knife’s singer Karin Dreijer Andersson. This is a good thing.
  8. And to close our Week Blowout we have a very funky new track from Bristol artist Anika of her Anika(EP). Dancing into the weekend with ‘In The City‘.

Enjoy your weekend!


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