[Win] 2 x 2 Tickets for Iceage + support on the 6th of March @ Area 51

February 26, 2013


Not only are we giving away tickets to STRP, we also have 2 x 2 tickets for a show in the venue right across the street, the grimy and amazing Area51. On 6 March the skate park/music den will feature the likes of Iceage, Earth ControlNew Bleeders and Puce Mary thanks to the folks at Gruismeel. The first three bands all played last years Incubate! And as an extra bonus, the Incubate DJ-team will entertain you between all this mayhem.

Like we said, Iceage played last year’s Incubate! Since then they have only gotten more intense, more Scandinavian and more loud. Intenser, Scandinavianer(?), louder. Their live shows are infamous by now and their new record ‘You’re Nothing‘, which came out last week, got a Best New Music on Pitchfork.


To visit this amazing show you’ll need to answer the next question:

When was Iceage originally supposed to play Incubate, but sadly had to cancel?


Put your Google skills to use and send your answer in an e-mail to win@incubate.org with subjectline “ICEAGE” and don’t forget to clearly state your full name in the mail. Make sure to send it before before Monday, the 4th of March.

So grab your skateboard, win (or just buy) a ticket and we’ll see you next week: https://www.facebook.com/events/490935707623822/

And here’s a video from Iceage on Incubate 2012:

Video by Koen Gijsbers

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