[Win] 2 x 2 Tickets for Maserati at w2, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

July 15, 2015


Maserati was one of the highlights of Roadburn 2013: “Certain performances at this year’s festival had something extra, something not easily defined, that made an indelible impression on us”. If you missed them there, you are lucky to get a second chance to see them live. Maserati and Go March will perform at W2 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch on Sunday November, 22nd. You can go there for free, because we have two times two tickets to give away! See below how you can win a pair. 

Maserati picked up where bands like Tortoise, Macha, and Labradford left off with complex, warmly textured instrumental music straying from the confines of rock to explore the ambient, jazz, and even modern classical traditions. Formed at the edge of the new millennium, they are as sleek, sexy and sophisticated as the legendary Italian sports car the band takes their name from. It is fitting, then, that Maserati has dragged the glory years of psychedelic arena rock kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, with the pomposity and vocals carefully removed. In its place are white hot flashes of light pulsing to an unstoppable rhythm that makes us want to punch air and drive really fast in a car with wings instead of doors.

Go March, an instrumental group based in Antwerp, Belgium, is the support act for this evening. They bring futuristic rock mixed with electronic indie. It is a new project born out of jam sessions that have resulted in their debut single ‘Rise’, an electronic, Germanic-infused, post-rock screamer that is a sort of Mogwai meets Kraftwerk synthesis yet with all the futuristic propulsions of a new, fresh and hungry band making music for 2015 and beyond. The bands describe their own music as “the soundtrack for a movie which still has to be made”. Music that starts minimalistis and repetitive, but slowly becomes threatening.  Go March lets guitars melt together to create a perfect symbiosis of an urgence that comes close to post- and krautrock like we know it from bands like Trans Am and Maserati. That is why this trio is the perfect support for Maserati.

We can give 2 x 2 tickets away for the concert of Maserati and Go March, taking place on November 22nd at W2, ‘s-Hertogenbosch. We would love to know why you have to win these tickets. To win them, e-mail your answer to the question to blog@inlog.org before the 1st of November and do not forget to state your full name! For more info about the event, go to the W2 event page. Check the Facebook event here.

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