[Win] IZAH’s new Double LP ‘Sistere’

September 13, 2015


Tilburg-based post-metal wizards IZAH are on their way to something huge. With two acclaimed EPs in their kit, and countless shows with the likes of Baroness, Mono, Cult of Luna, Celeste and more, this sextet has come to be a force to be reckoned with. IZAH is giving away a copy of their newly released 2LP ‘Sistere’. Read on to see how to you can win it!


IZAH was birthed out of a collective ambition to create something special. With each of the six gentlemen possessing different musical interests and diverse skills, IZAH’s music has grown into a melting pot of genres, according to guitarist Roel van Oosterhout. Known for their hypnotic rhythms, dreamy post-rock soundscapes, aggressive riffs and melancholic melodies, IZAH has been successful in establishing its identity in the post-metal community, in spite of being around for less than a decade.


IZAH - Cover Sistere

Released in 2015 and clocking in at a whopping 72 minutes, Sistere is an ambitious debut that effortlessly transcends multiple themes, sounds, and sensations in its narration. Four tracks oozing with brooding atmospheric passages and pensive lyrics, and topped with crushing, raucous flow of black metal and sludge, Sistere packs in a ton of energy and vitality.

Stereogum – “This thing moves, it goes to a few different places, and it encourages you to follow. And you WILL follow. So maybe it’s not sludge after all, but whatever it is instead? It’s really fucking good.”

Metal.de “Heartbreakingly beautiful”

Nrc.next – “Sistere doesn’t sound like a debut. The inspiration is audible, a little Isis, a little Neurosis and a little Converge, but because of the sharp ideas within the songs this has become a monster of a record – in the positive sense.”


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Sistere - Double LP

We’re giving away this green coloured vinyl double LP in reverse board printed sleeve. All you need to do to win this beauty is answer one simple question:

Which movie are the samples in the track ‘Sistere’ taken from?

To win, simply e-mail your answer to us at blog@inlog.org with the subject “IZAH Giveaway” before 17th September, 2015!


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