Welcome back, 013.

November 12, 2015

013, Tilburg’s main poppodium, is finally reopening tomorrow after major reconstruction. A massive blowout is expected, as 013 gets ready to host 013 RE:OPENS tomorrow night, to celebrate its return.

013 RE:OPENS – Morgen is het zover!Morgen openen wij ons compleet vernieuwde poppodium voor het beste publiek van Europa en wij kunnen niet wachten. Zo dachten o.a. Caro Emerald, Slayer, Causes Music, Gavin James, Fresku, Stereophonics, Alabama Shakes, Giel Beelen, Feestdjruud, KAMELOT, Garbage, Sven Hammond, Rowwen Hèze, Lucas Hamming, Gregory Porter en meer er ook over en daarom telden zij alvast met ons af naar de opening van 013. Wil jij morgen bij onze grote opening zijn met o.a. 2manydjs, Route 94, Jungle By Night, Lucas Hamming en meer? Tickets zijn verkrijgbaar via: http://www.013.nl/programma/4058/013-re-opens Edit: Beeldgekte

Posted by Poppodium 013 on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Standing right in the heart of Tilburg, 013 is the biggest platform in the south of the Netherlands, with nearly 250,000 visitors each year. 013 and Incubate go a long way, with some of the finest Incubate performances taking place there: Immortal, Mayhem (in 2013), Mogwai, Yann Tiersen (2012), Acid Flashback with 808 State, A Guy Called Gerald and more (2013), Lustmord (2011), Carter Tutti Void (2014), Hallogallo plays NEU! music (2010), Soap&Skin (2009), Watain (2008), The Locust (2007)

The Twilight Sad @ 013, Kleine zaal 21-09-2013The Twilight Sad (2013). Courtesy – Wil Opstals Buzzcocks @ 013, Dommelsch zaal 16-09-2012
Buzzcocks (2012). Courtesy – Wil Opstals.

Mogwai @ 013, Dommelsch zaal 15-09-2012Mogwai (2012). Courtesy – Paul Verhagen Incubated XL: Holy Mountain @ 013, kleine zaal 11-01-2013
Holy Mountain (2013). Courtesy – Michel Meeuwissen

Japandroids @ 013, kleine zaal 16-09-2012Japandroids (2012). Courtesy – Debbie van Aken.

Mayhem (2013).

The renovations have led to considerably increased space in the venue, with the capacity of main hall increasing from housing 2000 to accommodating 3000 people (Source)


Tomorrow, 013 will now return with performances in the entire building including by 2manydjs, Route 94, Jungle By Night, Boddika, Lucas Hamming, My Baby, Doll Kraut and Tim Grim and Fake Billy and the False Prophets.

Report by Brabants Dagblad.

Congratulation 013 and welcome back, old friend!

What is YOUR favorite Incubate moment at 013?

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