[Go See] Reinier van Houdt @ De Link Tilburg

November 24, 2015

Something exciting occurs on December 1st.

Pianist Reinier van Houdt will be seen doing an incredibly special performance for De Link, a concert series for chamber music programs, with an emphasis on contemporary composed music. From September until April, every two weeks De Link organizes concerts at Het Cenakel in Tilburg. De Link also takes various initiatives throughout the year at other locations in Tilburg.

12219604_10206348804333981_476151425073567803_n(Courtesy – Facebook)

Reinier van Houdt began working with various instruments and musical objects at a young age. Having studied music in Budapest and Hague, he has built himself an unusual repertoire resulting from his collaborations with other musicians, his performances, and from his radical and novel approach towards classical music.

van Houdt has also performed at Incubate Festival 2015 along with Koen Nutters for a project called White Metal, and was also the pianist for the magnificent Current 93 at Incubate Festival 2014.

Reinier van Houdt / Koen Nutters: White Metal @ Theaters Tilburg, Studiozaal 14-09-2015Minco den Heyer

December 1st’s event “True Histories – 5 pieces of musical fiction” promises to present “music beyond the nihilist notion of the interpreter, music not so much lost but found in translation.”

The programme is as follows:      

Yannis Kyriakides – True Histories (2012)     

Luc Ferrari – 36 Enfilades (1985)      

Michael Pisaro – Fields Have Ears 1 (2008)    

Melaine Dalibert – En Abyme (2014)    

Reinier van Houdt – Loss/Storage (2014)

Don’t miss out on what sounds to us an extraordinary musical experience – Facebook Event

For more information, check out the programme page – De Link

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