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And now, the final wall poster by designer duo Iconizer, in collaboration with Nick J. Swarth.


Camille Dings and Paul Scheepers are both Tilburg-based designers, visual artists and comic book illustrators.

Every day, these guys will present these beauties in Tilburg. Each day’s poster is a reflection of the associations they make with the day’s programme. The texts are by city poet and writer Nick J. Swarth.

You can also purchase a limited edition A4 booklet consisting of all their Incubate artwork at MIDI for 5.

Have you spotted today’s poster already?


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Incubate ’15 by Iconizer – Day 6 Sat, 19 Sep 2015 09:30:04 +0000 AAAZATERDAG 19 final


Today’s wall poster by designer duo Iconizer, in collaboration with Nick J. Swarth.


Camille Dings and Paul Scheepers are both Tilburg-based designers, visual artists and comic book illustrators.

Every day, these guys will present these beauties in Tilburg. Each day’s poster is a reflection of the associations they make with the day’s programme. The texts are by city poet and writer Nick J. Swarth.

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Incubate ’15 by Iconizer – Day 5 Fri, 18 Sep 2015 09:16:43 +0000 AAAVRIJDAG 18 final


Today’s wall poster by designer duo Iconizer, in collaboration with Nick J. Swarth.


Camille Dings and Paul Scheepers are both Tilburg-based designers, visual artists and comic book illustrators.

Every day, these guys will present these beauties in Tilburg. Each day’s poster is a reflection of the associations they make with the day’s programme. The texts are by city poet and writer Nick J. Swarth.

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Incubate ’15 by Iconizer – Day 4 Thu, 17 Sep 2015 09:30:57 +0000 AAADONDERDAG 17 final


Today’s wall poster by designer duo Iconizer, in collaboration with Nick J. Swarth.


Camille Dings and Paul Scheepers are both Tilburg-based designers, visual artists and comic book illustrators.

Every day, these guys will present these beauties in Tilburg. Each day’s poster is a reflection of the associations they make with the day’s programme. The texts are by city poet and writer Nick J. Swarth.

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Artists speak @ incu15 Thu, 17 Sep 2015 07:41:22 +0000 This weekend The Knife is collaboration with Ful for ‘Europe Europe’, a manifesto about the current refugee situation. A true political statement, which is bold; these days not a lot of artists seem to speak out about this situation.

by Yannick Verhoeven

I was talking to the Incubate organization about this issue and we decided to start #artistsspeak: a serie of short interviews with artists speaking out about the refugee problem. Besides their opinion we’re also figuring out if it’s the duty of an artist to express themself about other topics than music, in this case either political as humanistic events.

We’re not ignorant to find the answer on burden matters like this, but we try to achieve to get it more open for discussion. Besides seeing your favourite band play, getting drunk on dance nights and having a laugh with your friends Incubate should be also a place for discussion and debate.

More interviews coming up at the Incubate YouTube channel!

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Visitor of the day, Steffie van den Tillart! Wed, 16 Sep 2015 11:17:29 +0000 steffie1

Tuesday the 16th of Dectember, I met Steffie, dancing and headbanging with her beautiful blonde dreads at The Melvins. The perfect visitor of the day, so I thought it would be nice to ask her some questions about her Incubate experience!

Written by: Pernilla Ellens


Hey Steffie! What’s up? Having fun at Incubate so far? 

Yes, I am having fun at Incubate so far! The first day was quite a start up day, seeing Indian Jewelry and Umungus, and heard a bit of the noise from Merzbow. Yesterday it felt like last year again, hopping from place to place, see different kind of bands and styles, and of course with some mind blowing acts. Melvins rocked the stage and it was around 7 years ago I saw them live, so that definitely  made my day.

Looking forward to some acts specifically? 

I am really looking forward to see my friends from Radar Men from the Moon play again and releasing their new album “Subversive”. After that I will probably run back the the Midi stage to see Melvins play again. The most I am looking forward for the weekend, a long day of strolling through the city, meet up with people and dance until the very last end.


Are you a true Incubator or just visiting for the day?

I am not sure if I am a true Incubator, but this year I am here to give it a try. I bought a full week pass and trying to see new bands every day. Last year I only went for a couple days and that got me so excited, I looked forward for Incubate for a long time, and it’s becoming one of my favorite festivals. One of my best memories of the Incubate festival so far was seeing Goat play live last year on the Midi stage. The vibe they had and the energy that was flowing in the building was amazing! I hope something or someone is going to top that this year

Any recommendations for other visitors?

What I would recommend to others? Visit any kind of stuff, even if you might not like it. Surprises can be hidden in little corners or steamy basements.

Thanks Steffie, that’s a really, really good advice. And have a good time this week, see you!


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Incubate ’15 by Iconizer – Day 3 Wed, 16 Sep 2015 09:30:54 +0000 AAAWOENSDAG 16 final


Today’s wall poster by designer duo Iconizer, in collaboration with Nick J. Swarth.


Camille Dings and Paul Scheepers are both Tilburg-based designers, visual artists and comic book illustrators.

Every day, these guys will present these beauties in Tilburg. Each day’s poster is a reflection of the associations they make with the day’s programme. The texts are by city poet and writer Nick J. Swarth.

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Incubate ’15 by Iconizer – Day 2 Tue, 15 Sep 2015 10:59:24 +0000 AAADINSDAG 15 final

Today’s wall poster by designer duo Iconizer, in collaboration with Nick J. Swarth.


Camille Dings and Paul Scheepers are both Tilburg-based designers, visual artists and comic book illustrators.

Every day, these guys will present these beauties in Tilburg. Each day’s poster is a reflection of the associations they make with the day’s programme. The texts are by city poet and writer Nick J. Swarth.

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Incubate ’15 by Iconizer – Day 1 Mon, 14 Sep 2015 10:50:00 +0000 AAAMAANDAG 14 final


Here’s a treat – fantastic wall posters by designer duo Iconizer, in collaboration with Nick J. Swarth.


Camille Dings and Paul Scheepers are both Tilburg-based designers, visual artists and comic book illustrators.

Every day, these guys will present these beauties in Tilburg. Each day’s poster is a reflection of the associations they make with the day’s programme. The texts are by city poet and writer Nick J. Swarth.

Have you spotted today’s poster already?


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[Win] IZAH’s new Double LP ‘Sistere’ Sun, 13 Sep 2015 10:12:34 +0000 IZAH

Tilburg-based post-metal wizards IZAH are on their way to something huge. With two acclaimed EPs in their kit, and countless shows with the likes of Baroness, Mono, Cult of Luna, Celeste and more, this sextet has come to be a force to be reckoned with. IZAH is giving away a copy of their newly released 2LP ‘Sistere’. Read on to see how to you can win it!


IZAH was birthed out of a collective ambition to create something special. With each of the six gentlemen possessing different musical interests and diverse skills, IZAH’s music has grown into a melting pot of genres, according to guitarist Roel van Oosterhout. Known for their hypnotic rhythms, dreamy post-rock soundscapes, aggressive riffs and melancholic melodies, IZAH has been successful in establishing its identity in the post-metal community, in spite of being around for less than a decade.


IZAH - Cover Sistere

Released in 2015 and clocking in at a whopping 72 minutes, Sistere is an ambitious debut that effortlessly transcends multiple themes, sounds, and sensations in its narration. Four tracks oozing with brooding atmospheric passages and pensive lyrics, and topped with crushing, raucous flow of black metal and sludge, Sistere packs in a ton of energy and vitality.

Stereogum – “This thing moves, it goes to a few different places, and it encourages you to follow. And you WILL follow. So maybe it’s not sludge after all, but whatever it is instead? It’s really fucking good.” - “Heartbreakingly beautiful” – “Sistere doesn’t sound like a debut. The inspiration is audible, a little Isis, a little Neurosis and a little Converge, but because of the sharp ideas within the songs this has become a monster of a record – in the positive sense.”


Find more on:


Sistere - Double LP

We’re giving away this green coloured vinyl double LP in reverse board printed sleeve. All you need to do to win this beauty is answer one simple question:

Which movie are the samples in the track ‘Sistere’ taken from?

To win, simply e-mail your answer to us at with the subject “IZAH Giveaway” before 17th September, 2015!


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5 tips for Incubate with Sten Ove Toft Sun, 13 Sep 2015 09:00:44 +0000 Sten

Sten Ove Toft is an Oslo-based promoter, and an Incubate fan. He’s also a well known experimental musician, and you can catch him at Incubate ’15 with the Dead Neanderthals on September 17th.


I’m hoping there’s no point in recommending the obvious booking this year that is The Melvins. But hopefully you’ve been well educated enough to have them on your list already. So here’s some other suggestions that you should not miss out on.

1. Noveller
Sarah Lipstate has given us some absolutely amazing albums for several years now and her dreamy guitar sounds is the perfect music to relax and get completely engulfed into.

2. The Ex
Holland’s Enfant Terrible! Pretty much the best live band you’ll ever see. Raw drone rock with a in-your-face punk attitude and a touch of free jazz. You can’t really ask for more. If you don’t like this then you’re probably more of a Ted Nugent kind of person.

3. King Dude
Apart from being an amazing dude, this guy also makes some killer music. The complexity in the music is that it’s stipped down and fairly naked in it’s presentation. That’s where the genious lies. Think along the lines of Wovenhand, Nick Cave and Death In June and you’ll find King Dude lurking inbetween them all.

4. Russell Haswell
Alongside Merzbow (who you should also always go and see) there’s just a handful of laptop noise artists around that really do the trick. Haswell is one of these few.

From academic laptop noise with Haswell to total mayhem with these dutch lords of complete chaos. It’s by far one on the wierdest things you’ll ever see and how that is going to go down in the tiny back room of Little Devil is beyond me. Bring a helmet, earplugs and an open NSFW mind.


Find all the acts at

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In memoriam: Matthijs Rümke Sat, 12 Sep 2015 19:37:10 +0000 Deze middag, zaterdag 12 september, is Matthijs Rümke in zijn woonplaats Zaltbommel op 60-jarige leeftijd overleden aan de gevolgen van kanker. Matthijs Rümke was vanaf 2005 artistiek directeur van het Brabantse toneelgezelschap Het Zuidelijk Toneel uit Tilburg. Eerder maakte het gezelschap al bekend dat Matthijs Rümke wegens gezondheidsredenen in september 2015 zou worden opgevolgd door Piet Menu.


Een in memoriam van Incubate-directeur Joost Heijthuijsen:

“Dan maak je er toch theater van?”, zei Matthijs Rümke toen het ons niet lukte om een voorstelling van electro chaabi artiesten voor elkaar te krijgen. Samen deden we het. We vlogen Egyptische artiesten naar Tilburg, Lucas de Man naar Egypte, maakten een videoverbinding tussen Cairo en Tilburg en organiseerden zo een synchroonfeest in beide steden. Om te laten zien dat feesten een universele taal is en dat er meer overeenkomsten dan verschillen zijn tussen Arabische en Nederlandse jongeren.

Achteraf kwamen we erachter dat we een nieuwe vorm hadden ontwikkeld: de live-documentaire. Tevens leerde Cairo Liberation Front haar nieuwe bandlid Tato kennen. En maakten we plannen om nog meer verbindingen te maken tussen verschillende wijken overal ter wereld. We maakten nog zo veel plannen voor de toekomst…

Dat was Matthijs ten voeten uit. Betrokken, innovatief en verbindend. En schijnbaar onstilbaar. Hij steunde, daagde uit. “We hebben allure nodig”, zei hij dan. Een allure die bij hem altijd meer was dan een art pour l’art. Kunst was bij hem de enige manier om te leven. Hij was een mentor voor veel jonge kunstenaars, een kritisch denker, bracht Brecht bij mensen in de stad en met Richard III maakte hij een van de beste theaterstukken van de afgelopen jaren.

Je hebt geknokt, Matthijs. Tot het bittere einde was je er voor zoveel mensen. Op je ziektebed had je het misschien nog meer over de staat van ons festival dan over de staat van je lichaam. Het leek een manier om jouw pijn te vergeten. Want kunst gaat altijd door. Het is groter dan wie dan ook. Dank je wel, Matthijs dat je er altijd was. We zullen je heel erg missen. Want we zijn een hele grote vriend verloren. Die altijd in ons door zal blijven gaan. We zullen voor allure blijven knokken. We zullen ervoor blijven zorgen dat het leven van zoveel mogelijk mensen verrijkt wordt met kunst. Zoals jij zo vele levens ook verrijkt hebt.

Joost Heijthuijsen

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5 tips for Incubate with Arnold de Boer (of The Ex) Sat, 12 Sep 2015 09:00:41 +0000 Arnold de Boer

We’re excited to present Arnold de Boer, singer of Holland’s best anarcho-punk band (in our opinion) The Ex, and what he thinks you ought to check out at Incubate this year!

Apart from the full day we do with The Ex, where we invited two hands full of very special artists that everyone should come and see, I think it’s also worth to go and see:

1. Terakaft
Very special, former Tinariwen, fascinating guitar play, beautiful beats.

2. Fire!
I played with Fire! Orchestra in the past. Deep grooves. “All good things come slow” Mats Gustafsson told me once, and I think he is right in a viking kind of way. They come slow, get loud and expand the space.

3. Evol
Never heard before, sounds great, like the delta blues of acid electro.

4. Hoek
From Amsterdam, where I live. Good name and the music sounds intriguing. I would go and see him.

Just wow.


Find all the acts at


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5 tips for Incubate with Sjoerd Eikenaar Fri, 11 Sep 2015 09:00:28 +0000 Sjoerd

We spoke with Sjoerd Eikenaar, founder of the Tilburg based website design firm Freshheads, on what he recommended for this edition of Incubate. (Fun fact: they also design our website).

Read on!


1. Don’t schedule too much
It probably has been tipped before, but don’t look too much in the program guide. Just walk around and hop in and out of venues a much as you can, absorb the atmosphere and let yourself be surprised by the stuff you don’t know yet.
2. The Knife
Many years years ago, when the Internet was still a toddler, I tried out ICQ, a new piece of software for something called chatting. I clicked once on a name of a random Swedish girl, started talking to her, fell madly in love and got married. I remember the evening I flew over to her for the first time, we had a very romantic time, walking on Gothenburg bridge hand in hand, making out and eventually laying down listening to each others favourite music. I had a cd full with not-very-suitable-for-the-moment Underground Resistance-like techno stuff and she had all these way more suiting, brand new Scandinavian acts with female lead singers with magic accents, like The Knife, of which she claimed to be amongst their earliest fans. I remember us playing their songs over and over again while she sung along quietly in my ear. You might understand their gig on Incubate will be a special one for us. You should go too, for the music but also for their important message.

3. Renaat
A couple of weeks ago I witnessed Perc pumping an extremely good set in the Berghain. Earlier this year I heard a fantastic mix by Acid Arab on Beats in Space and I recently bought a great Ekman release on Berceuse Heroique. These are just three names on the extraordinary list of electronic and techno acts you actually all should attend this year. But if I personally had to choose one, I would go for Renaat. This Belgian living legend, founder of R&S records, one of the greatest labels of all time, was already releasing records in Belgium’s golden era, the mid 80’s to early 90’s. Next to buying a lot of their releases back then I also spent hundreds of hours dancing to R&S music in the most infamous Belgian nightclubs, eating an equal amount of E’s. To taste the vibe of that time and the vibe of which I hope he will play at least one record on Incubate, and for your general music knowledge, you all should see this documentary:

4. Algorave
My company Freshheads is very proud to be head sponsor of Incubate from day one. Because of the fact we both did things our very own and unconventional way, we both stood out from the crowd and had a strong match from the beginning of our relationship. Now, many years later we have become great friends who helped each other many times on our way up. I believe Incubate won this award for best festival and we were awarded best Dutch internet bureau last year. And since Freshheads is an internet company and even though I personally still don’t know jack shit about Internet and programming, I can’t wait to join our boys and girls to this Algorave, where music will be generated from live coding, whatever the hell that means.

5. Enjoy Monday 20th
Go and see as much as you can and try to make it all the way to that afterparty everybody probably will be mysteriously talking about all week. Then go home, somewhat happy that you lived through it again and wait for the next day to come. Enjoy that Monday, even though you probably will have a severe and nostalgic hangover, by running through the past week asking yourself what the fuck all happened. You probably will be listening to a tune like this, which is most likely still in your head from the night before:

Find all the acts at
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1 tip for Incubate with Marijn Lems Thu, 10 Sep 2015 08:00:54 +0000 www.theaterkrant.nl_wp-content_uploads_2013_09_Marijn-Lens-475x318

Marijn Lems is programme manager theatre and dance at Flemish Arts Centre De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam and member of the editorial staff at Theatermaker magazine.

1. Het KIP & Les Ballets C de la B – ‘Ladycock’ – Sunday September 20th, De NWE Vorst

“Ladycock was one of the last performances I selected for the year programme of STUK Arts Centre in Leuven before I moved back to the Netherlands to work for Flemish Arts Centre De Brakke Grond. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to see the performance yet, so I’m very much looking forward to catchin it at Incubate. Theatre collective Het KIP excels in visually impressive movement theatre, and this collaboration with renowned dance company Les Ballets C. de la B. has lots of potential. The way the physical performers flirt with themes like femininity and masculinity while freely cribbing from Hitchcock’s oeuvre will undoubtedly make this a theatre evening to remember.”


Find all acts at

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5 tips for Incubate with Joep van Gorp Wed, 09 Sep 2015 08:00:06 +0000 joep
Joep van Gorp is the project manager of dance music organization Aus Berlin, programmer at Purple Festival and owner at events management organization Qanvas.
1. Acid Arab
The best Arabic party act there is, in my opinion. A new vibe that is slowly taking over the European festivals. I discovered them during Eurosonic earlier this year, when one saw an entire hall filled with Dutch promoters bouncing to this incredible music… Man, crazy. I will definitely be there!

2. Lusts
Temptation! I love that song. Really curious about this band live, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while now.

3. Neneh Cherry and Rocketnumbernine
The triphop ‘Woman’. I think it’s an honor that Incubate is welcoming her in Tilburg, really happy about that. Cherry is taking me back to the older James Bond soundtracks mixed with Portishead. By the way, everybody knows Neneh Cherry’s 7 Seconds.

4. Lemontrip
I must confess, I didn’t know that Breath was a track from Lemontrip. This is a hell of a track. I met Lemontrip one or two times during his study at the Rockacademy in Tilburg, always loved his dreamy sets. If you want to go out, and if you’re low in energy; go to Lemontrip. He will wake you up slowly and give you the dreams you’re dreaming off. ;)

5. Fremdkörper
This is a strange party. I visited their first edition (I think) in the Club Smederij. I don’t know how they run their business but this was a really expensive party. With a lot dancers, big beamers, photo booths, cool DJ’s and did I say dancers already? I don’t know what they’re exactly up to this time. But if you bring your friends and you’re a bit drunk when you get inside, it’s possible you will have a brilliant night.
Find all acts at
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5 tips for Incubate with Niek Nellen (of Afterpartees) Tue, 08 Sep 2015 08:00:17 +0000 Niek Nellen-Afterpartees

Niek Nellen is the singer of the Dutch garage pop band Afterpartees.

I have no reservations whatsoever when it comes to preaching to a choir. If you are reading this, you are probably already going to the Incubate festival and you don’t need another 5 reasons to go. But I came here to preach. So listen. I was an intern during the 2013 edition of Incubate and I consider that experience one of the more important ones in my life. I made a lot of friends, drank lots of coffee and my sensei taught me that blast beats are the best sound one can make with sticks and drums. It was the best of times. Now, whenever I attend the Incubate festival I do so wholeheartedly and with an all-consuming commitment. Over the 7 days of the festival I start my day at 17:00 and come home at 6:00. I watch as much bands as possible, drink as much beers with Joep and Yannick as possible, make nefarious plans for life-style start-ups with Joost Heijthuijsen and stalk Jelle Agema to find the best metal bands. Most of all I go to Incubate because I just fucking love being there. It’s just the best.

These are the 5 parties/bands/things I’m looking forward to the most, in random order:

1. Sun Araw

My first contact with Sun Araw was through the terrific and extremely violent Hotline Miami, an indie video game about killing people really fast which had an insane soundtrack. The first song that came on during the opening menu by Sun Araw immediately set the tone. I’ve been diving into his other work (especially that Congos collaboration) in the build-up to Incubate and I am very curious as to what is in store for the live show. Hopefully the Hotline Miami instincts can be surpressed.

2. Our own Nightbirds parties

Me and Chicago Bob, another ex-Incubate-intern, organise Nightbirds, our own party for all things garage, rock ‘n roll and guitars since 2014. Last year we had a sick party in the basement of the Cityhotel (where the Richie Dagger guys are now hosting some great bands). On Friday we’re hosting an All-Girl All-Stars Party (with a.o. La Luz), dedicated to all things girly, pretty and loud. On Saturday it’s the Tuff-Boys Workout party (with a.o. J.C. Satan) dedicated to all things muscle, sweat and tough. Gender discussions are allowed and encouraged, conversation = good, but do it outside, inside is dedicated to party. One of the very selfish pleasures this year: Peach Kelli Pop is coming. These girls from USA are a band I’ve been dying to see for a couple of years. The most uplifting songs on gender roles, Sailor Moon and objectification you’ll ever hear. Oh, and on Sunday we are also hosting a metal get together in Little Devil with The Black Heart Rebellion, BRUTUS, MONNIK and Fifth Alliance. Busy, busy, busy.

3. Converge

I did not want to add Converge since it is such a popular band and everyone should know them, but then I listened to Jane Doe and All We Love We Leave Behind. Unmissable.

4. Asking other people what to see

This is one of the first years I don’t really know what the hell is playing (aside from of course the bigger names like the Knife, Mark Zeiknek, Unknown Mortal Orkwestra etc.) and I don’t know what to go and see. This is a good thing. Other people often know more and I will use that information and go see what they are seeing, and If what they chose was shit I’ll complain.

5. All of the metal ( and Picture – Saturday, September 19)

This moving blog by Vincent rang a lot of bells. Except for one major difference, when I was young my cassette tapes were filled with Nirvana, Heideroosjes and Bon Jovi, so my story is about 2/3s as cool. I don’t have a history with metal (listening to Caliban doesn’t count…). My love with the genre only started when I interned at Incubate HQ and had to *write about a million black metal biographies for the 2013 edition of the festival. YOU try writing about, and listening to, something that inherently unpleasant without starting to love it. It’s like working with kids. In 2014 I saw Krallice play at Incubate and it still remains one of my favourite live experiences (and one of my favourite bands). So once again I’ll be scouring the festival for the best doom, black metal and grindcore -and, following Vince’s tip- going to see Picture on Saturday and try to reach that high verse on Diamond Dreamer.
ps: and Sun Worship. Very good.

* In 2013, while writing the black metal bio’s, Jelle Agema taught me terms as frostbitten, devouring, scorched earth, kvlt and blast-beat berating ultra sandwich. Thanks for teaching me Sensei.

Find all acts at

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[Go see] Popmonument at Bergen op Zoom, Saturday September 12 Mon, 07 Sep 2015 11:12:24 +0000 LOGO POPMONUMENT 2015

Fundamentally new culture always arises at the peripheral edges. It’s the Incubate mantra that surely applies to PopMonument, a small scale one-day festival in Bergen op Zoom. On saturday night September 12th, right before Incubate commences, no less than 17 musical acts will take the several stages in the historical city centre. Since the entrance is entirely free, there’s no excuse to avoid this informal pre-party to the Incubate festival!

Hosted by Gebouw-T and former Incubate associate Max Majorana, PopMonument is throwing its second edition, offering a wide range of exciting artists. This year’s line-up does not only include more established acts such as Dans Dans, Jacco Gardner and The Subs, but also aims to present new upcoming bands in a variety of intimate and somewhat unusual venues. For instance, go see the wicked anti-folk of De Koning der Dieren (who played Incubate 2014) in the 14th century Gevangenpoort, get lifted up by the transcendental postrockers of I Could Float Here Forever in the French garden of Markiezenhof, or just dance your ass off during the insanely addicting garage/beat songs of De Kliko’s whilst enjoying a premium beer or two in Provoosthuis. Futurist beat producer and multi-instrumentalist ZES, who is also on this year’s Incubate bill, will play a live set in Gebouw-T.

Have a look at the website for the full line-up, timetable, and more information on the festival. See you in Bergen op Zoom on the 12th of September!

De Kliko's

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5 tips for Incubate with Marinke Kerkhoff Mon, 07 Sep 2015 08:44:32 +0000 Marinke - moccamastert

Marinke Kerkhoff is the owner of Sharksomeness Bookings, a Groningen based bookings and artists management organization. Check out her 5 tips for Incubate:

1. Trust Incubate / don’t do your homework
Just have faith in the bookers, they only line up cool bands. Sometimes a band disappoints, but I don’t know which ones yet, so just go anywhere (while drinking the special Incubate brew beer). To be honest, there are a lot of names lined up that I’ve never heard of and in my experience these turn out to be the most overwhelming shows. There are, however, a few ones I do know and have been looking forward to see for a while. Some of them cancelled already, so I just try not to look too far ahead anymore.
2. A Thousand Fuegos
So this one I’m looking forward to. Extremely cleverly written synthpop, sometimes melancholic, sometimes upbeat. A few years ago, this Austrian musician was to play in Groningen at Lepel Concerts, but got sick. That evening, I bought his record instead to play it over and over again. Now I’ve played it too many times and I need a new one. Hopefully the new one comes with a liveshow this time.

3. Incubate Café
Last year was the kick off of a new project: Incubate Café. I’ve seen some interesting interviews and talks and participated in an awesome quiz (and won! Oh yes!). But I didn’t see that many people. You missed out! Don’t miss out this year. You’ll get some background information on projects, meet some people involved, or just be entertained. AND there seems to be a quiz again! I dare you!
4. Happyness
Great melodic indierock, brought by lazy (ofcourse they aren’t) kids with a bad taste in clothes. Sometimes loud, sometimes ballads, often unexpected beauty and energy. If you like, for example, Sparklehorse and Pavement, you’ll love this.

5. Incubate Zero
Free day program during the weekend, with great bands. I don’t know why they aren’t part of the paid program. You should pay them. Pay them with your presence instead. Sharksomeness bands ‘LGHTNNG’ and ‘Homemade Empire’ are playing so I recommend them, of course. All other bands are fine too.
My 6th would be the Subbacultcha! dayparty (always the best party of Eurosonic, let’s see how they handle Incubate), but that seems to be part of the Zero program as well, and I’m only allowed 5 tips anyway.

Find all acts at

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5 tips for Incubate with Paul van Berlo Fri, 04 Sep 2015 08:00:45 +0000 paul van berlo (1)

Paul van Berlo is the promotor of Dynamo Metal Fest, Into the Void and Into the Grave. Check out his 5 tips for Incubate 2015:

How hard is it to give 5 tips when there are over a 100 shows to choose from? The most fun thing on a festival is of course is to find bands that you haven’t seen or heard before. But even knowing this, we always have the urge to visit the bands we already know or heard of. Well maybe i can give you a few tips of bands that you don’t know and you will know be interested to visit!

1. Bast

The finest English doom available. Intense show, especially in the Little Devil which is also a venue that is not to be missed!

2. Bölzer

Some call it blackened death metal but is really not possible to label these guys. There are only 2 of them, but their energy is immense.

3. Obese

I am a big stonerfan, and this is one of the most promising Dutch stonerbands around at this moment.

4. Hypnos

I am also a big fan of their fellow countrymen from Graveyard and Witchcraft and Hypnos is kind of like a merger between those great bands.

5. Speedtrap

There is nothing like a good old school Bay Area thrashband to get the blood and beer flowing!

These are 5 bands I would check out when I am going to Incubate. And i will sneak in a sixth tip, because whenever I have a chance to see The Ex, which is probably the oldest punkrockgarageband from Holland, I be sure not to miss it!

Find all acts at

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[Interview] Erik Veldmeijer about painting a major Bartkira-image Thu, 03 Sep 2015 19:16:06 +0000 bartkira

Erik Veldmeijer is painting a major Bartkira-image the walls of the Hall of Fame in Tilburg! Bartkira is a community art project in which hundreds of artists from all over the world are collaborating to recreate all six volumes of Akira, replacing all the characters with the cast of the Simpsons. You can see this painting when you pass Tilburg by train. Frans Boukas illustrated the Bartkira-image, and Erik paints it. Just before he started painting, we visited the painter Erik for a chat:

How long do you think it will take to paint this work?

“I think it will take a day or three, maybe three and a half. At least I hope so, because that is what I planned for it.”

Have you made paintings as large this one before?

“In square meters I have, but most paintings I make are wider and not as high as this one. A high work like is more difficult to paint, but I know I can reach to the top with the scaffold. I have only once made a work as broad and high as this one.”

What do you think about this painting?

“I like it very much! Unfortunately, the door and the windows do take a big part of the sketch away.”

What do you like most about this work?

“I like that the sketch is very unique. I know a lot of graphic design, but I don’t see this style very often. You can’t put this style of design in a box. Painting this work is very cool, because it is so big, and because the location is beautiful. A lot of people will see it here. You can even see the painting when you pass Tilburg by train.”

What kind of projects have you made before?

“Usually I paint a lot of childrens’ rooms, which are a lot smaller than this work. When, for example, a child loves skateboarding, I make a sketch about it and paint the entire room in that theme. I also painted a lot of walls in factories and businesses. Usually, these are my own designs, or designs with the theme of the business.”

What is the most difficult about this work?

“Sketching the first lines, because I will be standing on a scaffold while I draw them, but I will also have to look at them from a distance to see if the proportions are right. It is difficult that this work is so big, and that there are windows and a door in the wall I’m painting, so this is a true challenge for me! When the lines are painted, the work becomes a lot easier. Today I will sketch the lines on my own, because I want to paint them myself. For tomorrow I asked a friend of mine to help me paint the big parts in color. It will be raining, so I need some help to make sure it will be finished on time.”

What can we expect at Incubate Café?

“The Incubate Café will be held as an interview. I will bring photo’s of people who inspire me, and some photos of my own work as well. Not only of my recent assignments, but also of years ago, when I went out on the street late at night with spray cans. I have been making graffiti for 22 years now. 15 years ago, when I had practiced enough to I knew I was good enough to paint everything, I started making paintings for others. Since then I had a lot of different assignments. I would like to talk about my adventures at Incubate Café.”

If you want to hear Erik talk about this project and his 20+ years of adventures in street art, come to Incubate Café on Thursday 17th, 13:00! 

Visit the Bartkira expo during the festival at the public library.

Picture by Cloakture photography.

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5 tips for Incubate with Dirk Serries Thu, 03 Sep 2015 08:00:32 +0000


Dirk Serries is a Belgian composer and ambient musician. He will perform at Incubate this year, together with Rutger Zuydervelt.

1. Fire!
To my humble opinion, more fascinating than their full-ensemble version (Fire! Orchestra), channeling all the power into this very tight melange of freejazz, krautrock and noise. For all those who love their freejazz with a punch.

2. Onmens
Old-school new wave, partially electronical/partially Industrial with an intens live reputation to boost. Belgian sound chameleon and drummer Sigfried Burroughs is one of the forces behind this duo and they contribute to the wave revival with grandeur. Thing of SHE WANTS REVENGE’s bastard son.  Highly recommended.
3. Jasper Stadhouders
My guitarrival Jasper Stadshouder forms a large ensemble to play every night of Incubate at Paradox. Invisting top players like Mette Rasmussen, drummer Onno Govaert and, to my humble opinion again, one of the most talented and still underrated sax players out there John Dikeman. With the last two I’ve been fortunate enought to play and record already and can vouch for their dedication, profoundness and energy. Definitely one of my main goals to see and experience. All 3 they form the best punk band among the freejazz CACTUS TRUCK.
4. Esplendor Geometrico
One of my main influences back in the early eighties when I was recording Industrial music myself under the VIDNA OBMANA banner. Fantastic raw, highly rhythmical Industrial music, pure and authentic. Nowadays still quite faithful in their performances to the original spirit of Industrial music and a beautiful antidote to all artificial Industrial music reboots of today. Muerte A Escala Industrial !

5. The city 
Tilburg holds two of the most essential festivals of the lowlands and beyond: Incubate and Roadburn, but it’s the city’s involvement and partnership that makes them both stand out even more. The way how the city each time blends with the core of each festival. During Incubate you walk the small-scaled city center from one venue to another, each year Incubate succeeds in making you discover new venues (amazing how many this city holds) and by walking to these venues, searching, you are being introducted to new music, new performers. This is what a music festival should be: adventurous, interactive and passionate. Tilburg is a rare breed of city.
Find all acts at
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5 tips for Incubate with Ggu:ll Wed, 02 Sep 2015 08:00:37 +0000 ggull

Ggu:ll is a metal/doom band from the Netherlands that will perform at Incubate 2015! Check out their 5 tips for Incubate 2015:

Get lost

One of the charms of Incubate is that you will get lost. Let it happen. Talk to strangers and let them convince you of what they think you cannot miss out on. I’ve seen the greatest shows in the coolest venues that way. It’s either that or do your homework. You’re in for a lot of homework and restraint in trying to hold on to your precious schedule. Don’t do homework, don’t do restraint. Get lost.


Too many bands. Too many venues. So much conflict in timetables. Here’s one for ya. Primitive Man or Hundred Waters? Destruction or beauty? Massive wall of sound or fragile vocals? Maybe you’ll cry when you want to and go see Hundred Waters. Maybe your girlfriend wants to smash her head into the wall of sound produced by Primitive Man. Maybe I added a new conflict? Make up your own mind, hipster… PS: Bast is playing at the same time yet it’s very possible you’ll miss out on all of the above because of The Melvins.

Mark Kozelek / Sun Kil Moon – September 14th, Theater Tilburg

Talking about crying… I rember a slightly drunk nighttrain ride home with friends on a Saturday. Talking music and trying to explain how emotionally intense Sun Kil Moon is to me. I rember tears rolling down my cheeks while reciting lyrics. Tears as sincere as Mark Kozeleks’ stories. For me, it was the story of Jim Wise that pushed me over. Hit me like a ton of bricks. In a supermarket of all places:

“Jim Wise mercy killed his wife in a hospital at her bedside.
And he put the gun to his head and it jammed and he didn’t die.
He went to trial all summer long and his eyes welled up when he told us about how much she loved the backyard garden and the budding rosebush”.

Later I bumped into my friends again. For them it was ‘Pray for Newtown’ that pushed ‘em over.

Bölzer – September 18th, Natuurtheater

Every chaos has a partial logic of its own. Bölzer confirm this in their unique blend of atmosphere and raw, ligtning-like power. Great hooks and shredding riffs heavy enough to severely wound the deities that were reverered by the ancient sign of the wolfshook.

Vidunder – September 19th, Natuurtheater

More seventies than doing mescaline in bell-bottomed jeans. Swedish hardrock in the vein of Graveyard. The show takes place on Saturday in the amphitheater. Bring your bell-bottoms, ‘70’s drug of choice and something in brown and orange. Sing, dance and praise the ‘Me decade’.

Find all acts at

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5 tips for Incubate with Maartje Bruise (Owner at Smithsfoodgroup DIY) Tue, 01 Sep 2015 12:39:49 +0000 sfg

Maartje Bruise is the owner of the record label and booking agency Smithsfoodgroup DIY. Check out her 5 tips for Incubate 2015:

Craft Beer Fest – September 20th, De Heuvel

Who remembers the past editions of Heavy Metal Bowling at Incubate festival, turning into a blur each time because of countless emptied Vedets? Me neither. While the Belgian crafted beer sure is a treat, I am excited to have a zip of Incubate’s first self-produced liquor, in association with De Hopmannen. They’ll even give you the opportunity to sample special beers on the site, what’s not to like on a Sunday afternoon?


Three Trapped Tigers – September 17th, Midi

Wouldn’t have expected the fantastically weird Dead Neanderthals to invide any garbage to their own curated night at the Midi theatre, but to have them bring Three Trapped Tigers around is a very pleasant surprise. The British scene has been bursting through the seams lately when it comes to loud, new music and TTT is a break from guitar-y core. Their noise rock drifts heavily on electronics- the dark kind. Spontaneous, hardly ever seen live and a true Incubate-style act.

Full of Hell & Merzbow – September 16th, Midi

A full hour of noise that will probably melt your face straight off. Forget Full of Hell’s and Merzbow’s solo sets at the festival, visit this joined night if you can. An unique opportunity to see these American hardhitters play with the king of noise after them creating their joined album. Truly once in a lifetime.

White Jazz – September 15th, Hall of Fame

I’m gonna admit straight up that we were long hoping of booking Rise and Fall for a one time reunion set during our labelnight at this year’s festival. That didn’t happen, but not to worry as the remains of this Flemish band burn bright. White Jazz is one of the newer additions to the bunch and certainly not the least. Add a pinch of El Guapo Stuntteam to the mix and keep new heroes Raketkanon in mind when you first play some White Jazz… then jazzmosh.

All For Nothing – September 18th, Little Devil

It’s not often straight up hardcore bands are booked at a cutting edge-tival (clever, huh?). It’ll bug me to death that AFN will play the Little Devil while “our” bands tear up Dudok, as this Rotterdam based combo well deserves a spot on the bill. Nothing but respect for one of the few bands that stand out in today’s scene, whilst staying true to their roots and pouring all their dedication into this project. The Little Devil is a God’s gift to hardcore and here’s a homemade mash of musicians that’ll make sure to fill the venue.

Find all acts at

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Diamond Dreamer, You’re not a loser Tue, 01 Sep 2015 12:23:01 +0000 vince diamond dreamer

<< disclaimer: onderstaand verhaal staat bol van aannames, halve waarheden en jeugdsentiment >>

Ik denk dat het 1985 was, maar het kan ook goed 1987 geweest zijn. Mijn zus had een nieuwe vriend, die van hardrock hield. Een buitenkansje dus, aangezien ik 13 was, of 15, en in Dongen woonde. Dongen telde slechts een platenzaak en de hardrock platen die daar stonden had ik allemaal al een keer beluisterd. Niks gekocht. Maar wel alles beluisterd. Deze illustere Peter nam een bandje voor me op. Want dat deed je toen voor elkaar. Een plaat opnemen op bandjes. Maar Peter stopte er net iets meer werk in en maakte er een verzameltape van.

De belangrijkste verzameltape van mijn leven denk ik. Kant A begon met King Kobra, want, dat is ook wel tof, Peter had een goed gevoel voor ‘flow’ en dat nummer had een mooi intro. Daarna kwam eigenlijk meteen een nummer dat me meteen vloerde. Ik keek op het hoesje en daar stond het: ‘Picture – Diamond Dreamer’. Als je 13 bent, of 15, en je bent een hardrocker zonder internet, weet je slechts 1 ding: schrijf dat ergens op en doorzoek de Aardschok, de heilige scriptuur voor jonge hardrockers.Ik deelde de Aardschok vaak met Marco. Die woonde een straat achter mij en belde ooit aan bij mij omdat ik ook van hardrock hield. Sindsdien zijn we vrienden. Ik ontdekte bands als Hammerhawk, Alcatrazz en Ratt op deze tape, maar de grootste impact kwam van deze immense metal track.

Logge, zware drums, die meteen vanaf de eerste keer dat je ze hoort een aards gevoel hebben. Gitaren die meters breed waren, helder, crispy, scheurend, zoals ze klinken in je hoofd als je voor de spiegel staat met je tennisracket. Dikke bas aan de basis die alles dichtsmeert en een super internationaal zang geluid met karakteristieke hoge uithalen. Dus. Als beginnend gitarist wilde ik dat ook kunnen. Ik sloot mijn gitaar van 150 gulden aan op mijn versterker van 60 gulden en probeerde zo het geluid van de cassette te evenaren. Ik vertel je vast, dat lukt niet. Ik wist echter wel de juiste tonen te vinden na een hele dag terugspoelen en steeds opnieuw draaien van mijn nieuwe levens anthem. Mijn ouders, mijn zus, ik dreef ze tot waanzin met het nummer. Want meespelen met metal werkt alleen als je het heel hard doet. Dat weet iedereen.

Na heel wat keren op en neer fietsen tussen Dongen en Oosterhout, waar de bibliotheek een heuse platen afdeling had, wist ik de mensen achter de balie zo gek te krijgen dat ze het gelijknamige album aan gingen schaffen. Het gekke was eigenlijk, dat er al best wat fatsoenlijke hardrock in die platen bakken stond. Goede inkoper. Toen ik de hele plaat dan eindelijk kon draaien, en, niet geheel onbelangrijk, opnemen op een dure sony cassette die ik speciaal had gekocht, was het hek van de dam. Ik was te jong om een optreden van de band te bezoeken, maar zocht alles af naar interviews en stukjes over de band. De bronnen daarvoor waren nogal beperkt, dus ALS je dan wat had…

Ik leerde de hele plaat spelen. Wel met respect voor de originele gitarist, dus bij de solo’s deed ik de slagpartij en knikte opzij naar de rest van de denkbeeldige band met een houding van ‘laat hem maar effe zijn ding doen’. Wat verder? Het leven eigenlijk. Er kwamen nieuwe platen bij, ik leerde meer nummers meespelen en begon uiteindelijk mijn eigen band. Het bandje draaide ik zo vaak dat het versleten was. En toen uiteindelijk vast liep in mijn tapedeck.

Jaren later vond ik de vinyl versie in een platenzaak. Ik was er niet naar op zoek, maar moest een vreugdekreet onderdrukken toen ik de herkenbare hoes zag. Ik had de voorkant en achterkant natuurlijk al uitvoerig bestudeerd. Wisseloord studio’s, namen van bandleden, art direction, Prooy van de road crew, ik wist het allemaal nog. De plaat was niet duur, het was voor de dodelijke verhipificering van vinyl. Ik betaalde er volgens mij 8 of 9 gulden voor. Ik heb de plaat nog steeds. Van tijd tot tijd kijk ik terug. Omdat ik ouder wordt. Dat schijnt erbij te horen. Bij mij is dat dan vaak met een plaat in de ene hand en een grote glimlach op mij gezicht. Ook komt het regelmatig voor dat ik op mijn sloffen en in mijn onderbroek een een-mans rock show opvoer voor mijn vrouw. Zij is daar vaak niet van onder de indruk.

Maar ik heb een plan. Ik heb namelijk een festival. Nou ja, samen met een heel team aan lieve mensen natuurlijk. En weet je wie daar speelt? Picture. En ik neem mijn vrouw mee naar hun optreden, zodat ze kan zien hoe het hoort. Wellicht is ze dan beter op de hoogte van het echte werk en zal ze de volgende keer als ik mijn een-mans imitatie doe van deze heerlijke, fantastische band, net als ik lachen. En terugdenken aan een goede, oude tijd.

Incu15_MariosMetalMeeting_Announce (1)

Door Vincent Koreman

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Grave Pleasures featured in Rolling Stone’s “10 New Artists You Need To Know” Wed, 26 Aug 2015 12:42:42 +0000 Grave Pleasures

Formerly Beastmilk, Grave Pleasures mix up a razor sharp post-punk death wish. Beastmilk’s apocalyptic 2013 album ‘Climax’ garnered a lot of attention for it’s refreshing sound. A concoction of the “painful war-cry of the eternally doomed,” slabs of psyched-out rock ’n’ roll with dead-eyed post punk and sharp new wave. With the name change to Grave Pleasures came a major-label deal and prospects of more of their signature apocalyptic sonic love-affair.

Rolling Stone wants to recommend you this band, because they think Grave Pleasures is a new act you need to know! We thought you might like to read this article: Grave Pleasures will perform at Incubate this year, so you surely do not want to miss their performance. We hope to see you there!

Grave Pleasures will perform on Incubate on Friday, September 18 from 22.15 till 23.15 in the Hall of Fame. Find more information and tickets here.

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[Go see] GIFGROND46 at Gifgrond Gasthuisring, Tilburg, Sunday August 30 Wed, 26 Aug 2015 11:38:57 +0000 gifgrond

Gifgrond is an independent podium for subculture music and sound improvisations on the verge of art and music. They put up every edition with three live acts and a dj. The 46th edition, which is a summer edition, will take place on Sunday the 30th of August in Tilburg and will include performances by Jajaa, Uské Orchestra feat. Helmutmut, Dumber and DJ zachte G! It will be an amazing party, will we see you there?

Jaaja are a band of must-see musicians from Nagoya in Japan. They play a range of instruments like a toy piano, a mandolin, a cello and even two children! Sometimes they dress their guitars and themselves in beautiful costumes. This is a unique concert in the Nederlands!

Uské Orchestra is a project around Niko Uské, a Belgium based musician. Uské assembles and stacks microscopic bits from all possible genres and styles to build teeming musical market places. The orchestra prefers to work with its own recorded acoustic sounds, changing mood, instruments, the timbre and the arrangement. If there ever was an award for devious sound design, Uské Orchestra would be the clear winner. This GIFGROND Uské Orchestra teams up with Belgian Helmutmut (Olivier Thys) and it will be total improvisation!

Dumber consists of Nick Swarth and Siem Nozza. Nick Swarth, a familiar face in the Tilburg art scene and Tilburgs official city poet from 2005 up to 2007, is known for his on-site poetry (poetry in public spaces) and his published works. His latest work is entitled ‘Mijn Onsterfelijke Lever’ (My Immortal Liver). He is the voice and noise of Tilburg based Betonfraktion and has empowered many improv and jazz performances with his voice and lyrics. Siem is a bass player for Eindhovens Beukorkest and part of Yotr. The two musicians met at Beukorkests Bald Kiss Tour and they decided that teaming up would lead to a new and exciting project.

Dj zachte G aka Goof Salimans is among other things guitar man for Trans Luv Airlines. He will be serving you cool summer tunes!

The doors will be open at 15.00 and the tickets cost only 7 euros. For more information, take a look at their websiteCheck the Facebook event page here.

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Looking for Pecha Kucha participants during Incubate 2015 Fri, 21 Aug 2015 14:03:50 +0000 struisvogel

Since last year Incubate Festival has an accessible conference part, called Incubate Café. This year Incubate Café will take place at De Rode Salon of the NWE Vorst. At this place we do artists interviews, panel discussions, Incubate Slides/ powerd by Pecha Kucha, a quiz et cetera.

Because of the Incubate Slides/ powered by Pecha Kucha part we need YOU! We’re looking for enthusiastic participants. What is a Pecha Kucha? This is a meeting where everyone gets the change to tell about his/her innovative/creative work, ideas or concepts by the means of a powerpoint presentation. This can range from a new building, an advertising campaign, a design, artwork, a fashion line, a new event: you name it. In any case: an idea that the world needs to hear about (or at least the Incubate visitor).

But there are certain guidelines . You will have to use twenty sheets that remain for twenty seconds. This forces you to keep your presentation short, strong and visual. This gives fascinating stories and ideas, plus a good dose of inspiration for the visitors! All this will take place on Saturday, September 19th from 13:00 to 15:00 in the NWE Vorst.

Does this sounds awesome to you? Or do you have any questions about this project? Send an email to As a reward you’ll get a free ticket for Incubate. For people who want to visit: admission is free.

Here is a little video with some explanation about Pecha Kucha:

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[Listen] John Graham/IIVIIs new single “Black Galaxy” Wed, 19 Aug 2015 09:55:27 +0000 josh-graham

IIVII is the solo project of visual artist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Josh Graham. He is a founding member of Red Sparowes and Battle Of Mice, and he currently plays in A Storm Of Light. Graham has also made appearances with Jarboe, Blood And Time, Tombs, Syndrome, Fallen Black Deer, and Tribes Of Neurot. IIVII will perform at Incubate this year, and he recently announced his new track “Black Galaxy”. Check it out below!

Josh Graham’s project A Storm of Light focused on the dirge and purge of doom, punk and more, following in the footsteps and expanding on the teachings of his alma mater, Neurosis. Now with his new project IIVII, he delves deep into uncharted territory to explore dark synth soundscapes and ambient. IIVIIs new track “Black Galaxy” featuring an astronaut-like figure on the artwork, sounds like the score for a trip into the great black beyond.

IIVII focuses on sonically engulfing and moody soundscapes, layered with a science-fiction edge. This approach has allowed Graham to expand his sonic body of work and explore new electronic territory, focusing on the subtle orchestration and manipulation of dense sonic atmospheres, rather than the bombastic approach found in A Storm Of Light. Depicting a derelict space colony in view of Saturn, the artwork was also completed by Graham, who currently serves as art director to Soundgarden, and has also worked with many bands including, Neurosis, Jesu, Shrinebuilder, Sleep, Vattnet Viskar, and ISIS.

IIVII’s debut album, Colony, is set for a September 4th release on Consouling Sounds. The album will be available digitally, on CD and on vinyl.

IIVII will perform on Incubate 2015 on Sunday at Paradox, Tilburg. More information.

Get your tickets here.

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[Listen] Shining – ‘International Blackjazz Society’ Mon, 10 Aug 2015 13:09:34 +0000 shining
Norwegian Blackjazz band Shining will play at Incubate 2015 as part of the Dead Neanderthals Invites. They have disclosed that ‘International Blackjazz Society’ will be the title of their upcoming full-length album, due out on October 16th. ‘International Blackjazz Society’ is the band’s first release through Spinefarm Records, with whom they have signed a worldwide deal.
The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, vocalist & songwriter Jørgen Munkeby, Norwegian band Shining have been breaking down musical barriers for the past 15 years, mixing progressive, technical metal, jazz, avant-garde and experimental sounds with cutting-edge visuals and blazing live performances. Along the way, Munkeby (skilled saxophonist & guitarist, a graduate of the Norwegian Academy of Music) has released a number of Shining albums, collected awards, toured with the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan & Devin Townsend, and effectively forged a whole new musical genre.


Just as Venom created ‘Black Metal’ in the early ’80s, so Shining can proudly put their name to ‘Blackjazz’ – also the title of their 2010 album, a Top 10 record in Norway. Following ‘Blackjazz’ came the excellent ‘One One One’ (2013), and now it’s time for studio album number seven; as with ‘Blackjazz’ & ‘One One One’, ‘International Blackjazz Society’ has been mixed by Sean Beavan (Depeche Mode, A Perfect Circle, Slayer etc.), and mastered in Los Angeles by Tom Baker (Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, Beastie Boys etc.). 
‘The Last Stand’ is available for instant download upon digital pre-order of ‘International Blackjazz Society’. Album pre-orders – including official merch bundles offering CD, vinyl, T-shirt & patch options – are now live here.
Meanwhile, a live video clip for ‘The Last Stand’ can be seen here:

Shining will perform at Incubate on Thursday, September 17 from 22.30 till 23.30 in Midi, Tilburg.

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