[Go See] ‘Mannen met Baarden’ (Men with Beards) in Theaters Tilburg

October 14, 2013

Do bearded composers write warmer and more romantic music than their clean-shaved colleagues? On Friday 26th of October, the Magogo Chamber Orchestra will host an interactive event that hopely will bring an answer to this question. One of the biggest romantic composers of his time, Johannes Brahms, is the proud owner of a beautiful beard (see […]

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Incubate’s 2011 Cool and Uncool list

December 12, 2011

Hello. We made a list what we think is cool in 2011. And we made a list what we think is very uncool in 2011. We’re always right in those things. Some cool’s are directly linked to the uncool’s next to them, and some have nothing in common. We’re sure you’ll figure it out. If […]

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[Go see] ‘Beards’ by Anne Korten, opening at Ekko this Saturday (June 4)

June 1, 2011

Inspired by the annual Roadburn festival, Anne Korten made pictures of the bearded attendees of the festival this year. These are being exhibited throughout June at Ekko in Utrecht on special silkscreens and etchings. The grand opening will take place this Saturday on June 4th. All of the pictures are available in a limited edition […]

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Incubate, Extase and 013 present: new recurrent concert evening ‘Stadswacht’

July 15, 2014


In collaboration with Extase and pop venue 013, Incubate launches a new recurrent evening filled with live music named ‘Stadswacht’. Once every three months this three organizations join forces and give a stage to bands which they think are important for the music scene of Tilburg. The first edition will be a loud one with […]

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