Incumonday : opening, Ritual Necromancy and the best beers in town

September 16, 2014

Yes, Incubate festival has finally begun! Best week of the year if you ask us. This week, we will spoil you Incubate lovers with two articles everyday, brought to you by a diverse bloggers-team: meet Simone Vos, Glenn Peeters, Gabriela van der Lans, Maurice van der Heijden en Pernilla Ellens. In the afternoon, you can […]

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Incubate window sills on ‘Vensterbanken’

September 9, 2013

Decorations placed on window sills can tell more about someone’s personality than by looking into their house through their window. That these decorations can change throughout the year and can be determined by the time of year, shows this special blogpost on Vensterbanken about Incubate: “The festival Incubate is exactly one week away. We celebrate this with Incubate […]

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[Watch] King Midas Sound video ‘Funny Love’

April 16, 2013

Last year King Midas Sound played Incubate. The result was a lot of bleeding from ears and beer that vibrated of bars; the sound was that intense. Now King Midas has released a new video for their ‘Aroo‘ B-side titled ‘Funny Love‘: a beat-less (and bass-less, thank god) track with NSFW elements (some mild boobs). Perfect for […]

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[Art Monday] You should know: Julian Montague

February 13, 2012

Julian Montague is working in the graphic design-industry for almost 15 years. He is responsible for many logo’s, designs and he already published a book called ‘The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America: A Guide to Field Identification’. Montague is maintaining an interesting blog about rare modernist book covers published from 1950 till 1980 that he […]

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The Angry Black Metal Elitist (We all are retards and need his help)

February 2, 2012

Feel blessed by the insights of this guiding light and make your life less miserable by following the tips and hints of ABME. Find the true meaning of kvlt and check some of the following interesting posts. – The “worst” black metal releases in 2011  – How to ruin your black metal band – ABME on fashion : The patch […]

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[Reminder] [Vacature] Incubate zoekt marketing en communicatie stagiair(e)s

January 5, 2012

Ook voor komende editie in september 2012 zoekt Incubate in Tilburg weer stagiair(e)s om ervaring op te doen binnen de marketingafdeling. Vanaf januari/februari is er weer plek voor twee enthousiaste en leergierige stagelopers die willen meehelpen met het organiseren van een uitgebreid kunstfestival en de maandelijkse concerten. Incubate is een festival dat dwars door alle genres opereert […]

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[Read] New EP for Future Of The Left!

October 13, 2011

Future Of The Left (Incubate 2009) have a new EP coming out! They write that on their blog. It’s a good, and quite funny read. An EP, titled ‘polymers are forever‘ will be released on 11th November on Remote Control (Australia) and on 14th November on XtraMile (Britain and Europe) with an initial small amount […]

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What the artists said about you and Incubate

September 21, 2011

We made a little round over the social media platforms, and we collected the things the artists tweeted, Facebooked or blogged about after or during their set. Sometimes words of praise, sometimes a small thank you. And sometimes we have no idea what they’re talking about. Monday 12-9-2011 Megafaun: The Chase Club: Luke Jerram (Play […]

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Jpeg skies

July 14, 2011

Check out these cool paintings by Marc van der Holst. At first glance these seem ordinary skies and mountains, but then pixelated. Some even have Mario or Streetfighter characters painted in them! Check out more on his blog.

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[Incubated 08] Moon Duo, Barn Owl, Kim Ki O & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma live at Paradox this Thursday!

May 3, 2011

Just two more days before a very interesting Incubated edition kicks off again. Four bands for the price of three this Thursday. We announced earlier on that Jefre Cantu-Ledesma will play in Sounds but this is NOT the case. We decided to move him to the Paradox venue and start a little earlier. You can […]

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