The Complete Film Program for incu12, with over 90 films

July 19, 2012

Many many….many films will be shown during Incubate. Facts & fiction, Animation, art, fantasy, documentaries, biopics, from short to long, back to superficial or profound. You name it and it’s  there. Carefully intertwined in between everything Incubate has to offer. All those pounds of film are chopped in bite-size chunks to keep the overview in order. Long Films […]

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[Watch] 6 x Play Me, I’m Yours videos

April 27, 2012

As we are all working hard to make this years project Inside Out a success, we look back at last year ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ one more time. The following 6 videos, like many other videos, are made by Jef Monté and Mark Thur to relive the bliss of such an art project.  Looking back […]

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[Watch] Incubate 2011 edition in 12 minutes

April 23, 2012

It is really hard to capture all that what happens during Incubate festival, with more  than 200 cutting edge artists, from black metal,free jazz,art projects, expo’s, debates and more. We asked Jef Monté from Dieper beeld to do so and somehow he managed. We asked you, our festival visitor, to send in own-made videos, which we […]

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[Watch] Momo at Incubate 2011

March 21, 2012

NYC-based street artist Momo teamed up with Incubate in 2011 to fill our town with a little more colour. After working in New York, Barcelona, Toronto and Sao Paolo Momo he came to Tilburg and created a mural with Piet Dieleman and some other local artists. Jef Monté, who created more films for Incubate, teamed up with Mark Thur for […]

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[Watch] After School Avant Garde at Incubate 2011

March 14, 2012

After School Avant Garde offered participation for kids in last year Incubate. Drumming lessons with and by Holland’s best jazz drummer Han Bennink, painting with Kati Heck, creating new sounds with Sylvain Chauveau, perform with Peter Fengler & Hans Zimmerman‘s magic show and an introduction to Felix Kubin’s personal universe. Jef Monté filmed the project and […]

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Wanted: Talented writers who want to blog about the music scene from Brabant

March 5, 2014


We are looking for people who love to discover new cool bands and display it on our blog Think of reviews, interviews, columns and background articles. Do you prefer photography or film? That’s also possible. Our blog is focused on niche music. Promoters of niche don’t have the resources and funding to promote their […]

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