[Spotlight] Selling out the nursing homes

October 1, 2013

Written by Gabriela van der Lans If you can’t make it to a concert, you’d better let the concert come to you. For the second year in row Incubate turned three Tilburg nursing homes into music venues, bringing concerts into the homes of people unable to go out themselves. “He’s supposed to be the fastest […]

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Folk rock at Incubate & a brief genre history

September 8, 2013

Folk, indie folk, folk rock all different ways of describing one genre, often mixed with other styles.  The borders are blurry and many times the music is either more rock or more folk. Furthermore folk music is increasingly being combined with electronic or even industrial music creating genres like folkotronica and neofolk. This piece provides […]

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Snowstar reissues I Am Oak’s debut + special show at LeGuessWho

May 17, 2013

About a month ago Snowstar turned 10 years old. Over those ten years the Utrecht based indielabel has acquainted us with a variety of great artist and probably the most successful of those artists, I Am Oak, is now reissuing their fantastic debutalbum “On Claws”. The album -that garnered a lot of praise back in 2010- was in due need […]

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Snowstar records celebrates 10th birthday… and they come bearing gifts

April 24, 2013

Snowstar Records is 10 years old! And they’re giving us gifts? We ought to have gifts for them, seeing as they’ve been treating us for the last 10 years with some of the best bands from the Netherlands such as I Am Oak, Herrek and Kim Janssen (who all played Incubate). We’re even too late for […]

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The top-452 album releases of 2012 according to you

December 7, 2012

Firework! That’s what the #1 record of 2012 starts with. According to you, Japandroids‘ Celebration Rock is the best release of 2012. The  band that performed at Incubate 2012 got 22 votes and was on #1 in four individual yearlists. 86 top-10 lists were submitted the last few weeks and the toplist is not curated by an […]

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[Win] 3×2 tickets for TIKA/I Am Oak/Awkward I in De Effenaar!

December 20, 2011

Damn. A mouth-watering bill. This is the absolute top of Dutch folk music. Anyone that likes folk music should be at this concert.  And you can! Thanks to De Effenaar, we can give away 3×2 tickets to this triple bill on December 22nd! Awesome! We probably don’t have to introduce these bands, but here it goes: TIKA […]

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Incubate’s individual top 10 year lists! Part three: Richard’s picks

December 18, 2011

We posted the ‘top 486 releases of 2011 according to you‘ a while ago, now it’s time for the individual Incubate employees year-lists! Every day until the end of 2011, we’re going to post the top 10 year-lists of the Incubate employees. There’re also links to Spotify  (or to other sources where you can find […]

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The top 486 releases of 2011 according to You

December 6, 2011

  86 top-10′s submitted, 486 unique releases submitted resulting in a top 448 releases of 2011; yeah, the call for year-lists seems to be quite a success. It’s not a big surprise the magnificent Let England Shake-album by PJ Harvey ended up on number one in the We Are Incubate year-list 2011, followed by The War […]

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I Am Oak releases second album in May

February 9, 2011

After playing about 80 shows last year, including Incubate 2010 with a stunning show in the Pauluskerk, I Am Oak will release their second album ‘Oasem’ in May this year. Last chance to see I Am Oak on the ‘On Claws’ tour (debut album, released last year), will be on the 3rd of March in […]

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[Watch] Incubate video report by Kindamuzik

October 5, 2010

Some Dan Deacon, I Am Oak and our artistic leader Vincent Koreman. Find more Kindamuzik on Incubate right here.

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[Interview] Why Norwegianism Records won’t stop looking for weird stuff

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Donné Et Desirée

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