GrimKim at Incubate. Day 3.

September 22, 2013

Mission: Incubate Day 3   I’m a bit proud of myself for going to bed early yesterday…”early” meaning around 5am. Petty things like reasonable eating habits and beauty sleep are chucked straight out the window as soon as festival season approaches, and Incubate has proven to be no exception (for me, at least, and especially […]

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[Storify Review] Lots and lots of metal, Anna von Hausswolff, Techno and more! (Day 5)

September 21, 2013

  Are your ears still buzzing because of yesterday? Or maybe your thumbs are still sore? Because wow, the amount of tweets and photo’s you sent using #incu13 was amazing. Because of you, #incu13 went trending topic for a while. And it shows in the Storify below, it’s the longest one yet! photo by William […]

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The origins and development of black metal

September 9, 2013

Black metal is a genre that is often difficult to grasp for people. How does is differ from metal or death metal? What are its main characteristics? Is it all about satanism? These and other matters, as well as some of the performing bands on Incubate are to be found below. Black metal is an […]

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An Immortal introduction by Ludas of Abysmal Darkening

August 26, 2013

Ludas, drummer of Abysmal Darkening, presents a beginner’s guide to Norwegian black metal band Immortal by naming his six most beloved Immortal releases. Don’t expect to see a lot of releases from after 2000, because according to Ludas, they lack a ‘grim’ sound: “When it concerns Immortal, I like their early work the most. The albums […]

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[Listen to] Crash course black metal by Verbum Verus

August 19, 2013

Get a crash course into the depths of black metal by HerrAIDS of Verbum Verus. These are his own words, in honour of the black metal program at Incubate 2013 in which they take part as well. Check out the playlist below for over 2 hours of the finest and filthiest black metal as you read […]

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[Win] Large gives away tickets for Incubate friday

August 12, 2013

Popmerchandise website Large are giving away two duo tickets for Incubate friday including big names like Immortal, Mayhem, Gehenna and Khold. Head over to their website and find the article number of Immortal’s Battle of the north album to win one of these duo tickets. Good luck and we’ll hopefully see you friday the 20th […]

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[Incu Thursday] Immortal, Mayhem and many more confirmed for Incubate metal line-up

April 18, 2013

Last week we announced the first 65 names for Incubate festival 2013 with 808state, Front 242, Built to Spill and many more. From now on we will release confirmations every week in our Incu Thursday announcements. Today, we are elated to announce 13 names for Incubate: Confirmed for Incubate Friday, September 20th: Immortal Mayhem Khold […]

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Black metal lamp, fuck yeah!

May 10, 2012

From Koen Gijsbers, our Incubated film recorder who shows up every time, unasked. Check his site for a lot of Incubated (and other) clips.

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40 Worst of the worst music videos of the year part one (40-31)

December 28, 2010

Yesterday Yahoo made a worst of the worst music video list. But there are worst videos. That’s why we made a more comprehensive list, covering the whole world an covering gems Yahoo would not even find. Today we’ll start with the first 10. Prepare for the countdown! 40) A Dutch singer singing about love in […]

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Carcass first name for Neurotic Deathfest 2010

September 4, 2009

The highly influential, in every genre that has to do with gore, Carcass has just been confirmed for Neurotic Deathfest 2010! Sounds very promising for a starters! We can not wait for further confirmations: Immortal would be awesome! Is Varg preparing a tour already? And how about flying Bolt Thrower in from the UK?

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