Incubate’s 2011 Cool and Uncool list

December 12, 2011

Hello. We made a list what we think is cool in 2011. And we made a list what we think is very uncool in 2011. We’re always right in those things. Some cool’s are directly linked to the uncool’s next to them, and some have nothing in common. We’re sure you’ll figure it out. If […]

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[review] Primavera Festival: Is Indie the New Alternative?

May 31, 2011

Smint offers me a free peppermint. Smint brings ‘unique coolness and intense sensation.’ Smint hides the smell. Smint camouflages what’s happening in the stomach. The odor of this aggressive Smint sponsoring fucks me up. It makes me mad because at the same time, in the heart of this town, students fighting for a better future […]

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[Advertorial] Stupid Jagerland® Branding because we have to

October 15, 2010

Vice® Do’s – Threaten underground kids with financial sanctions – Organize branded parties – Be Sex Pistols instead of Ramones – Imitate, not initiate – Confuse attitude with style – Take a subculture, copy it and sell it back to you for ten times the original value – Uses pictures of wasted people for lame […]

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[Release] FELL and the Incubate Kidsorchestra!

July 24, 2014


One of the highlights of Incubate 2013 was the temporary band The Kidsorchestra. FELL, the Swiss feedback-drummer Simon Berz and Dutch sound artist Toktek, collaborated with kids in several workshops. That resulted in an amazing EP that released today! They worked on the EP at Incubate 2013 together with 55 kids. Starting out from scratch, the […]

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