Girls that look like Skrillex

March 13, 2012

After the really cool Tumblr for lesbians who look like Justin Bieber there now is: a beautiful website full with pictures of girls who look like the ‘dubstep’-artist Skrillex. Yes, including the haircut, piercings and glasses.

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Top 40 2011′s Worst Tattoos [NSFW]

December 27, 2011

It could’ve been easy making this list. We could just go to Fail Tattoos and pick them from there. But we thought that was too easy. So we made it pretty hard for ourselves with this top 40. Because how can we know that these tattoos are from 2011? Well, we don’t. Just doing a […]

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The perfect drink to your soundtrack!

November 9, 2011

Never listen to music alone again. This is amazing and freakin’ hilarious! Do you ever wonder, when you’re listening to music, what kind of drink is fitted with the tunes coming out of your stereo? Or maybe when you don’t know what you feel like drinking this gives an answer to all your questions. Go […]

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Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber

October 29, 2010

.. Or like Tegan and/or Sara of course…

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[Review] Young Fathers reach a highly energetic level in 013

March 2, 2014

Young Fathers 01-03-2014-4

Young Fathers at 013, Tilburg. Photo by Simon Verlinden. Carnaval has fully reached Tilburg while on the 1st of March, 013 was about to turn into a temple of futuristic hiphop and R&B. With the help of psychedelic hiphop boy band Young Fathers, those expectation were about to be confirmed.  By: Fleur Rohof The night started […]

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