Incubate’s highlights of the year: Incubate festival 2011

December 26, 2011

Looking back on the year 2011 a highlight was definitely the Incubate Festival. A week full of music, art, dance, film and many many more. A week which gave us the positive reactions on the Play Me, I’m Yours project, a film of Peter Broderick‘s stay in a farm, the DIY conference and of course […]

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Incubate’s 2011 Cool and Uncool list

December 12, 2011

Hello. We made a list what we think is cool in 2011. And we made a list what we think is very uncool in 2011. We’re always right in those things. Some cool’s are directly linked to the uncool’s next to them, and some have nothing in common. We’re sure you’ll figure it out. If […]

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[Read] Michael Azerrad’s look on Incubate

November 14, 2011

Our good friend Michael Azerrad wrote some amazing words about the Incubate Festival and the organizers of Incubate. The article ‘Michael Azerrad: A tale of two festivals’ is published in a new UK magazine called Zero Core. Zero Core’s first edition can be read online, and it consists of ‘the best music, design and photography’. […]

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[Watch] Michael Azerrad’s Keynote Speech at Incubate DIY Conference

October 17, 2011

We can’t thank our good friend Michael Azerrad enough. His keynote speech at this years conference was inspiring to say the least. Probably the most talked-about, after the succesfull conference. Now you can watch it as well. In our best fashion, here’s Michael Azerrad. Don’t forget to buy his book! (NB: We apologize for […]

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Michael Azerrad’s adventures in Tilburg (3)

September 19, 2011

Last Saturday, Main (formed by Robert Hampson) performed at the Pauluskerk at Incubate. Michael Azerrad was there as well and wrote down his thoughts on the performance and the previous night:   Last night I saw people in a theatre bar dancing like they were worshiping at a church.  This afternoon, I saw people in […]

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Michael Azerrad’s adventures in Tilburg (2): Klaus Beyer

September 17, 2011

Last night, Michael Azerrad went and saw Klaus Beyer performing at Incubate Festival. He wrote down his experiences of the fascinating performer who translates all the Beatles’ songs in German:   Friday night I just let myself be a cork floating on the rolling tides of Incubate and followed a group of new friends to […]

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Michael Azerrad’s adventures in Tilburg

September 15, 2011

Tomorrow, we’re hosting the Incubate DIY Conference in Midi Theatre Tilburg. The keynote speech will be given by Michael Azerrad, author of Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground 1981-1991. This week, Azerrad is spending time in the city catching the bands at the festival. Here wrote down his thoughts […]

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Incubate announces conference on Do-It-Yourself

July 14, 2011

On Friday September 16, Incubate will organize the DIY Conference. The conference displays the development and ethics of DIY culture with lectures, interviews, film, panels and stands. Renowned speakers and artists within DIY culture, such as Michael Azerrad, Bill Drummond and Steve Ignorant will participate in the program. Through the Pay What You Want-principle, visitors […]

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ICYMI: Incubate Arcade 2014

December 18, 2015

With the year coming to an end, here’s another trip down memory lane – a lovely, detailed look back at the Incubate Arcade of 2014, courtesy of Zuraida Buter. [View the story “Incubate Arcade 2014 ” on Storify]

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