How Pop. 1280 turned Hall Of Fame into a nail house

February 19, 2014

Pop.1280 at Incubated. Photo by Simon Verlinden Last Saturday, Incubated was leaving a menacing trail in Tilburg, created by the bands Pop.1280, Neige Morte and Alabaster who performed at Hall Of Fame. It were especially the lovers of black metal, sludge and cyber punk who followed that trail to have a whiff of what the gloomy […]

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Already excited for Incubated? Because we are!

February 12, 2014

This edition of Incubated on February the 15th in the Hall of Fame is going to be a sinister one. Three different bands will play and they all have different music styles, but they have in common that their lyrics go about the dark side of life.  We will start of the evening with the […]

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[Incubated] Alabaster pays a tribute to glorious bands like Unsane and Knut

February 10, 2014

Our edition of Incubated at the Hall of Fame on February the 15th promises to be a loud one. Not only Pop. 1280 and Neige Morte will play, but also the punk hardcore metalband Alabaster will rock the stage. You can expect a lot of energy, chaos and ofcourse punk hardcore, noise rock and metal.  […]

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[Incubated] Neige Morte: avant-garde black metal with a hint of jazz

February 6, 2014

They are from France and make avant-garde black metal that is filthy yet intelligent. We are talking about Neige Morte. We have seen them before on Incubate and you can check them out in the Hall of Fame during Incubated on February the 15th. Neige Morte are an obscure entity from Lyon that play black […]

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[Incubated] Pop. 1280 still know how to deliver nightmares

February 3, 2014

They borrowed their name from the Jim Thompson crime novel, which is just as dark and sinister as their own stories of lust, seduction and sexual confusion. We are talking about the industrial punk band Pop. 1280. They are known for being loud, dirty, frustrated, energetic ánd aggressive. Sounds good to you? Pop. 1280 is […]

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[Incubated] New show announced: Pop. 1280 + Neige Morte + Alabaster at Hall Of Fame

January 8, 2014

Incubated announced a new show! Pop. 1280, Neige Morte and Alabaster will come over to Tilburg to play at the February edition of Incubated on Saturday the 15th of February at Hall Of Fame. The bands playing at the February edition of Incubated all have completely different music styles, but they have one thing in […]

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More artists added to the WOW performance

September 17, 2013

Remember the post about sound project WOW performing with A Guy Called Gerald, A Place To Bury Strangers, Sculpture and Mantra? Here’s even more exciting news. More artists want to work together with Carl Schilde / HEAVYLISTENING from WOW itself, and with you! The most minimal record ever made will be accompanied by artists […]

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The origins and development of black metal

September 9, 2013

Black metal is a genre that is often difficult to grasp for people. How does is differ from metal or death metal? What are its main characteristics? Is it all about satanism? These and other matters, as well as some of the performing bands on Incubate are to be found below. Black metal is an […]

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[Incu Thursday] Immortal, Mayhem and many more confirmed for Incubate metal line-up

April 18, 2013

Last week we announced the first 65 names for Incubate festival 2013 with 808state, Front 242, Built to Spill and many more. From now on we will release confirmations every week in our Incu Thursday announcements. Today, we are elated to announce 13 names for Incubate: Confirmed for Incubate Friday, September 20th: Immortal Mayhem Khold […]

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Incubate’s individual top 10 year lists! Part thirteen: Jelle’s picks

December 28, 2011

We posted the ‘top 486 releases of 2011 according to you‘ a while ago, now it’s time for the individual Incubate employees year-lists! Every day until the end of 2011, we’re going to post the top 10 year-lists of the Incubate employees. There’re also links to Spotify  (or to other sources where you can find […]

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