[Listen] Wolvon’s new EP “Notice/Cymbals”

December 8, 2015

Groningen-based noise-rock trio and Incubate alumni Wolvon have just released a new cassette EP “Notice / Cymbals” featuring two new tracks. Wolvon’s sound is characterized by heavy guitars, distortion, crushing drums, and catchy, reverberated vocals, all enveloped remarkably in a dreampop soundscape. These bearded men from Groningen have a unique, winning sound of their own. […]

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[Win] 2 x 2 tickets for Subbacultcha presents: TRAAMS and Girl Band at Ekko

June 11, 2014

No tickets for Best Kept Secret? No worries! June 22th you can check out two of the great bands that are playing there. At Ekko you can dance at the the combination of pop and experimental aggressive music of TRAAMS and at the noise rock of (not a girl band) Girl Band. What is a […]

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Already excited for Incubated? Because we are!

February 12, 2014

This edition of Incubated on February the 15th in the Hall of Fame is going to be a sinister one. Three different bands will play and they all have different music styles, but they have in common that their lyrics go about the dark side of life.  We will start of the evening with the […]

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[Incubated] Alabaster pays a tribute to glorious bands like Unsane and Knut

February 10, 2014

Our edition of Incubated at the Hall of Fame on February the 15th promises to be a loud one. Not only Pop. 1280 and Neige Morte will play, but also the punk hardcore metalband Alabaster will rock the stage. You can expect a lot of energy, chaos and ofcourse punk hardcore, noise rock and metal.  […]

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[Incubated] Pop. 1280 still know how to deliver nightmares

February 3, 2014

They borrowed their name from the Jim Thompson crime novel, which is just as dark and sinister as their own stories of lust, seduction and sexual confusion. We are talking about the industrial punk band Pop. 1280. They are known for being loud, dirty, frustrated, energetic ánd aggressive. Sounds good to you? Pop. 1280 is […]

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[Go See] Kleinindustrie, The Sweet Release Of Death and Apneu at Altstadt, Eindhoven

January 22, 2014

Somewhere in the dusty corners of the Netherlands, noisy garage music is being created. Three projects of the kindred spirits that are propping up this noisy pattern, will be brought together by Café Altstadt in Eindhoven on Friday the 7th of February: Kleinindustrie, The Sweet Release Of Death and Apneu will perform at this show. […]

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[Incubated XL] The new approach of Lower to music, youth and life in general

January 16, 2014

Describing their own music as warm rock music, Lower is a downer noise rock band from Copenhagen. After their split 7″ with their good mates from Iceage, these downer guys of Lower will come down to Tilburg and warm your heart at Incubated XL on Friday the 17th of November at 013 in Tilburg. Knowing […]

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The Ex Files: Come see them at Incubate!

July 26, 2010

All good things must come to an end, and thus also The Ex Files end. We’ve illustrated the first two decennia of The Ex‘ impressive music career, and by now you should have gotten a pretty good idea of The Ex’ legendary status and their importance to contemporary music. That is, if you didn’t have […]

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The Ex Files: The next decennium (1999)

July 19, 2010

The year 1999 sees The Ex touring all over Europe and the U.S. In February, The Ex play New York and Houston, and then tour the U.S. West together with Fugazi. Back in Europe they tour Germany, followed by the release of the joint Tortoise/The Ex collaboration for the In The Fishtank series, a special […]

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The Ex Files: The next decennium (1996-1998)

July 12, 2010

In 1996 Terrie goes on a year long round-trip through Africa. Although The Ex are supposed to have a sabbatical this year, it’s members are not idle. Singer Sok tours with the troubadouresque punk-folk posse De Kift, bass-player Luc can be heard on the album The Untraceable Cigar of melancholic free-jazz quartet Roof (featuring a.o. […]

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