40 Worst of the worst music videos of the year, the best of the best (10-1)

December 31, 2010

Please enjoy the best of the worst of the worst music videos of 2010 and have a great new year! 10) Hey rappin’ squirrel. That’s what friends are for!

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40 Worst of the worst music videos of the year part one (40-31)

December 28, 2010

Yesterday Yahoo made a worst of the worst music video list. But there are worst videos. That’s why we made a more comprehensive list, covering the whole world an covering gems Yahoo would not even find. Today we’ll start with the first 10. Prepare for the countdown! 40) A Dutch singer singing about love in […]

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Machinekamer: Compared with Berlin, but in the end ‘just Tilburg’

March 5, 2014


  When we heard about a club in Tilburg which has the vibe of a underground club in Berlin we were very excited. Because everybody knows you have the best clubs in Berlin. We are talking about Club Smederij. One of their first events is Machinekamer; a raw deephouse/techno clubnight. Joep van Gorp organised it […]

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