[Incubate Tips] Pop music meets visual art: Qu’est-ce que c’est Festival at Paradiso, Amsterdam

January 22, 2014

Qu’est-ce que c’est is a festival where pop music and visual art meet. The festival is presented by Paradiso and artist Melanie Bonajo and takes place on Thursday the 23rd of January at Paradiso, where twelve upcoming artist bands will be hosted. These bands will showcase a generation of young artists who successfully combine art […]

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Incubated Flexpo: December 13-15, 2013

December 4, 2013

The next Flexpo weekend is scheduled from 13th till the 15th of December. Incubated Flexpo and Pop Up Cinema present a weekend full of art, music, film and poetry. Featuring work of artists who are inspired by both modern and classic art. Dutch-Brazillian artist Rafaël Rozendaal will bring the building to life with colourful animations on the windows. Tanya Long (US) […]

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See the white Incubate Ford at Tigchelaar, Tilburg

September 6, 2013

During Incubate, one of the art projects taking place is Art and Cars, the beautiful commercial Rafael Rozendaal made for Ford. You can see the Ford Fiesta Rozendaal will use in his exhibition at this moment at Ford dealer Tigchelaar in Tilburg. Rozendaal’s work can be seen on 16 – 22 Sept at Spoorlaan in […]

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[Go See] Koen Delaere in Sao Paulo

April 12, 2012

Our homeboy Koen Delaere is branching out to South America these days. You might know this guy because he’s played a pivotal role in getting our visual arts program together in the last couple of years. Besides that he’s one of the guys behind the great Whatspace blog and the Whatbar nights we did together […]

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Incubate’s 2011 Cool and Uncool list

December 12, 2011

Hello. We made a list what we think is cool in 2011. And we made a list what we think is very uncool in 2011. We’re always right in those things. Some cool’s are directly linked to the uncool’s next to them, and some have nothing in common. We’re sure you’ll figure it out. If […]

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[Read] Interview with Rafaël Rozendaal in XLR8R

February 14, 2011

XLR8R has published an interview with Rafaël Rozendaal, who exhibit his internet-art at Incubate 2010 in Luycks Gallery! Interested in reading more about him and his modern art? You can read the issue here and visit his website here.

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The Incubate gospel according to Koen Delaere (Whatspace)

August 26, 2010

The Incubate gospel according to’ section gives you Incubate 2010 tips from insiders. Third one: Koen Delaere. 1.Who are you? Koen Delaere. 2.What will you be doing during Incubate 2010 (Sept. 12-19)? I participate in the Tilburg Ink program. 3.Which three artists do you recommend to see at Incubate 2010? Hallogallo 2010 plays Neu!, This Will Destroy […]

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Tilburg Ink – Get tattooed for FREE at Incubate 2010!

August 20, 2010

You know us right? The festival that always comes up with ideas that are somewhat doubtful. Right now we have something for you though that’s so crazy it’s almost unimaginable… We offer you the chance to get tatto0ed by one of the best tattoo artists in Holland, for FREE!!! Of course there’s a catch. It […]

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[Check] Endless Toilet Paper

July 22, 2010

You also hate this? Don’t worry, there’s a solution.

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Is tatouage kunst?

July 19, 2010

Hoe modieus dragers van hedendaagse ‘new trabilism’-motieven of kleurige draken zichzelf ook mogen vinden, het is allemaal al vertoond op de vele foto’s die er sinds de uitvinding van de fotografie in de negentiende eeuw van tatoeages zijn gemaakt. En vernieuwing – naar hedendaagse maatstaven kan kunst toch echt niet zonder. Raymond van den Boogaard […]

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ICYMI: Incubate Arcade 2014

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With the year coming to an end, here’s another trip down memory lane – a lovely, detailed look back at the Incubate Arcade of 2014, courtesy of Zuraida Buter. [View the story “Incubate Arcade 2014 ” on Storify]

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