[Incubate Week Blowout] Week 7

February 15, 2013

After a week of hard long work in a sweatshop, ice cream factory or animal petting zoo, most people come home and blast some Fleetwood Mac. But seeing as not all of us are Stevy Nicks, we occasionally like to listen to some new music. Every Friday we assemble a nice list of the most interesting […]

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[Listen] Rainbow Arabia at Incubate 2011 audio now available in its entirety

April 6, 2012

We´re glad to announce that we’ve got a nice live set from Incubate 2011 online. You can now check out the entire performance of Rainbow Arabia at last years Incubate in audio. Danny Preston and his wife Tiffany Preston perform together as the band Rainbow Arabia and released their debut ‘Boys and Diamonds’ last year on the electronic label Kompakt. […]

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Incubate’s individual top 10 year lists! Part seven: Jaimy’s picks

December 22, 2011

We posted the ‘top 486 releases of 2011 according to you‘ a while ago, now it’s time for the individual Incubate employees year-lists! Every day until the end of 2011, we’re going to post the top 10 year-lists of the Incubate employees. There’re also links to Spotify  (or to other sources where you can find […]

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[Listen] Incubate’s 100 Best Songs Of The Year 2011

December 20, 2011

(photo by Steph Byrne) After we saw the Dutch music/media site 3voor12 put together their Song Of The Year 2011, we thought that’s the only list left we didn’t pay attention to. So we made one. Incubate’s Song Of The Year 2011 is a Youtube playlist with 100 songs. We didn’t make a top 100, […]

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The top 486 releases of 2011 according to You

December 6, 2011

  86 top-10’s submitted, 486 unique releases submitted resulting in a top 448 releases of 2011; yeah, the call for year-lists seems to be quite a success. It’s not a big surprise the magnificent Let England Shake-album by PJ Harvey ended up on number one in the We Are Incubate year-list 2011, followed by The War […]

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Michael Azerrad’s adventures in Tilburg

September 15, 2011

Tomorrow, we’re hosting the Incubate DIY Conference in Midi Theatre Tilburg. The keynote speech will be given by Michael Azerrad, author of Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground 1981-1991. This week, Azerrad is spending time in the city catching the bands at the festival. Here wrote down his thoughts […]

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Photos of #incu11 Day 1 & 2 and opening of New Jacks 3.0 up on our Flickr page now!

September 14, 2011

William van der Voort, Jan Rijk (photo above), Renate Engelen, Tomas Mutsaers and Steph Byrne have teamed up to bring you the best impressions of the last two days of Incubate, as well as the opening of New Jacks 3.0 last week. You can find all of the photos on our Flicker page and a few below here […]

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[Incubuzz] part 3: Day 2

September 14, 2011

[View the story “Incubuzz part 3: Day 2” on Storify]

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[Preview] What’s up at Incubate on Tuesday September 13?

September 13, 2011

What’s up on Tuesday September 13th? To everyone who was there at 013 with Omar Souleyman, or The Kik in Cul De Sac or maybe The War On Drugs in Paradox: Good morning! We hope you do not feel to hung over. Some of us do. To everyone who’s visiting later this week or not […]

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Incubate 2011 line-up is… complete!

August 24, 2011

Between 12 and 18 September we’re welcoming thousands of visitors for the seventh edition of Incubate. The Fall, Battles, Glen Hansard and Health are a few of the more than two hundred cutting edge artists that bring music, film, art, debate and dance to Tilburg. Artistic director Vincent Koreman: “I am incredibly proud of this […]

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