[Go See] L.A.N. Party at OT301

December 4, 2015

Earlier this year, Subbacultcha was instrumental in exploring the local music network and “connecting the vast new sounds of the Dutch underground” with their project – L.A.N.scape. Beginning with a few known acts, they relied on this network to learn about more local artists, consequently allowing them to organically map out the Dutch music scene. […]

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[Playlist] 10 great inspirations of lo-fi garage rockers The Homesick

April 10, 2015

One of the new promises of the Dutch Undergound is The Homesick. Originating from Dokkum, they make raw, lo-fi garage-punk, using a lot of delay and reverb over their guitars and vocals, which brings some spacey-ness to their already great music. Live they are really energetic and funny and therefore a must-see, plus they are […]

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[Win] 2×2 Tickets for Club v00d00 With Rats On Rafts and Others

December 3, 2012

On Saturday December 29, providing the world hasn’t ended yet, the Mezz in Breda will be the place to be when it comes to great indie music in a mini festival setting. With bands like Rats on Rafts, Mauro Pawlowski (solo), Pien Feith (try-out), Wooden Constructions, MMMM, dj’s and a vj, to us, Club vOOdOO sounds like a […]

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Incubate Scene Report: A Guide to Rotterdam

May 14, 2012

Rotterdam, it’s the second biggest city in the Netherlands and also host to the largest and most important harbour in Europe. Since I don’t know too much about Rotterdam, this might have been the hardest Scene Report to find information about. I tried to contact locals, but did not get too much response, so I […]

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ULTRA2012 : Minny Pops + guests city marathon

February 7, 2012

The post-punk era of 1979-83 were one of the most influential times of pop history. Retaining the roots in punk, but more complex and experimental, post-punk constructed the blueprint for modern genres such as gothic rock, industrial, alternative rock and many more. The Dutch collective ULTRA, short for ultramodern, were successfully riding this post-punk wave. […]

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The rising star of Rats On Rafts + free tickets to either Rats On Rafts or Houses

January 26, 2012

They turned out to be the unplanned break-through on the festival. We offer more than 250 bands each year and just a few of them are lucky enough to make it to the mainstream. Most of all, because we do not program that many mainstream acts. We program the bands and artists that represent independent culture. But […]

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Frisse Oren on Storify: Your photos, your tweets, your videos!

January 9, 2012

Here’s our Storify on Frisse Oren! [View the story “Frisse Oren” on Storify]

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Incubate’s Surprise act for Frisse Oren is announced!

January 7, 2012

We know we’ve kept you waiting long enough and we know you are anxious to know the surprise act for Frisse Oren. Wait.. Hold on.. It’s Rats on Rafts! The band is making a name for itself in Holland, getting more exposure since their performance at Incubate 2011. You can see them live at the […]

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[Listen] Incubate’s 100 Best Songs Of The Year 2011

December 20, 2011

(photo by Steph Byrne) After we saw the Dutch music/media site 3voor12 put together their Song Of The Year 2011, we thought that’s the only list left we didn’t pay attention to. So we made one. Incubate’s Song Of The Year 2011 is a Youtube playlist with 100 songs. We didn’t make a top 100, […]

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Incubate’s 2011 Cool and Uncool list

December 12, 2011

Hello. We made a list what we think is cool in 2011. And we made a list what we think is very uncool in 2011. We’re always right in those things. Some cool’s are directly linked to the uncool’s next to them, and some have nothing in common. We’re sure you’ll figure it out. If […]

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ICYMI: Incubate Arcade 2014

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With the year coming to an end, here’s another trip down memory lane – a lovely, detailed look back at the Incubate Arcade of 2014, courtesy of Zuraida Buter. [View the story “Incubate Arcade 2014 ” on Storify]

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