[Global Mashups] An introduction: Gang Colours + Mahesh Vinayakram

July 30, 2012

The coming weeks we’re gonna elucidate our Global Mashups-programm. Together with Generation Bass and Hivos, the Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation, we presenting the follow-up to the successful first edition of last year. At Incubate 2012 will six western musicians/producers work and perform together with six musicians/vocalists from India and Indonesia. Later on they’re also gonna record this material, which will […]

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The Art World Redefined through Contemporary Slang

March 15, 2012

In a reaction to a recent Guardian article that redefine the giants of literature through contemporary slang, Flavorwire digged trough  Urban Dictionary for slang versions of famous artists and related works.  Here is a selection of what they found, you can find the entire article here. Picasso “A typically negative term describing a person who appears attractive from […]

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[Infographic] How rich is the 99%? And do the 1% have a point?

November 21, 2011

We would like someone to make more videos as The Guardian did about the US. (Picture above by Guy Denning)

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The Guardian on the Independent Charts

June 17, 2009

The Guardian posted a nice piece about the ‘new’ independent charts in the UK: The relaunching of the independent charts is, at best, seen as a bit of prolonged publicity. At worst, it is considered a marketing ploy to hype twangly guitar bands pushed by the majors. Read the full article here.

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Are downloads killing the music industry? Maybe not

June 12, 2009

The Guardian posted a nice article about the effects of downloading music. In short: maybe it is not only the downloading of music that puts the music industry down, but other entertainment-based commodities to spend money on, like games. Read the full article.

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Jazz is all you need

April 28, 2009

The Guardian has put up another piece on Jazz history, this time focusing on Benny Goodman. Read it here! Ellington’s music and motivation was different to that of Benny Goodman, a white virtuoso clarinetist from Chicago who became a bigger star than Ellington during the 30s boom in big-band swing – a phenomenon as big […]

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8 tips (plus 6 hidden ones) for Valkhof Festival 2014 in Nijmegen

July 11, 2014


As an inhabitant of Nijmegen, I never know if I have to get away from this city during De Vierdaagse and its Zomerfeesten. There’s an attractive force present during that time, called Valkhof Festival. Formerly named De-Affaire, being a temptation in July, Valkhof Festival will take place from Saturday the 12th of July until Friday […]

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