wedding traditions of the world

The world is wide and varied. The countries, peoples, religions, beliefs, and philosophies that give it life enjoy an extraordinary cultural wealth, so large that it has shaped a multitude of traditions. Although some of them may be normal, others go beyond the limits of logic. In the field of weddings, a particularly sensitive area from the religious point of view, the customs of some communities on the planet are real spectacles. However, tolerance must prevail and it is convenient to assume that, for these cultures, their celebrations and rituals are perfectly normal and, at times, much more sacred than those considered more common. Let’s review some of them while we nourish ourselves with the extraordinary diversity of the world, a real gift: simple wedding dresses

A career of weight

wedding traditions worldwide

In Sonkarjävi (Finland), boyfriends from all over the world are in charge of running with their girl in tow in a tough race on all kinds of surfaces. We assume that reaching the goal symbolizes the achievement of true love or something like that. Olé for them (and for them, who cannot be more comfortable).

Yes Woman, Yes Cry

A mandatory act with a clear goal: a happy marriage. In Tujia (China), the woman must start crying for the groom one month before the wedding for an hour a day. This shedding of tears becomes multiple when, ten days later, the mother of the fiancee enters the scene and, another ten days later, the grandmother of the aforementioned. A tear festival is not suitable for the insensitive.

A clean spit

This is how the parents of Maasai brides bless their daughters’ marriage in Kenya and Tanzania. Specifically, the parent must sharpen his aim on the head and chest of his little girl, as mandated by the sacred canons of this African tribe. Refrain scrupulously.

I declare you a woman and a tree

A tradition that would suit Pocahontas’s Grandmother Willow more, but that occurs in the exotic and mysterious India, always in charge of surprising us. Women with the Manglik astral sign appear to be in danger of killing their husbands because of their haunted nature. But do not be alarmed! If you marry a tree first, you can remarry, this time with your boy, and the danger will disappear. Will the focus in question get jealous?

The human container

In Scotland, in addition to men in skirts at weddings (and not just weddings), women (sometimes men too) have to go through some kind of smelly Stations of the Cross (to put it finely) before saying “yes, want”. The idea is to smear the bride with filth/garbage until she is made into a picture, with products as “appetizing” as cut milk, tar, fish, stale food, mud, feathers … Overcoming the challenge will mean that nothing is will stand in your way to happiness during the marriage. Beware of the flies.

Wicked fairy tales

The Irish are a people with strong connections to the past and superstitions, many of them funny and others somewhat terrifying. Therefore, if you decide to get married in leprechaun territory and you are a woman (how strange, right?), You will not be able to lift your feet off the ground during your wedding dance. Guess what will happen if you do? Some fairies will take you to some strange place, far away from this world. Did you expect it?

A leap towards marriage

The American South is curious, to say the least, and its inhabitants maintain some traditions from their most intense past. Thus, newlyweds must jump on a broom to unleash their future as husband and wife, an activity that was developed by the African-American population in times of slavery and that, today, many couples of any race continue to practice.

Hulk and wife

The field is wonderful and working in it is always special, especially if it reminds you of the most humble times that laid the foundations of this world. Thus, in Germany, the bride and groom must cut a log in half with a saw after the wedding. Simple but effective. If in the Teutonic country they consider this a test of teamwork in the face of marriage, who are you to deny it?


Luckily for many French grooms, there are traditions that undergo a revision and reach version 2.0, somewhat lighter than the original. Before, their mission before the wedding night was to drink all the liquid leftovers of the day in a chamber pot (a kind of urinal), perhaps one of the most special drinks they had ever had in their lives. Today, the content has been replaced by champagne or chocolate, two delicacies that, even so, must be ingested from the same container. A drink to lick your lips, always with a basin close by.

Know and win and suffer

South Korea is also faithful to its most extravagant traditions and, this time, it is the lone groom who suffers the wrath of the ancestors. In fact, at some point during the wedding, he must be whipped on the feet with any object while answering a series of complicated questions. A tough mental and physical test that will awaken the laughter of the staff while the boy wishes he had not been born.


In Romania, brides are often kidnapped by other wedding attendees. The groom, who will dress up as prince charming for one night (metaphorically), will be informed with a note and will have to work hard to pay the ransom. This will include some embarrassing acts for the aforementioned, such as singing in front of all the guests. But the imagination of those closest to you can be very perverse.

Many of these traditions come from yesteryear and, perhaps, for this reason, women are the main victims. In this sense, equal conditions would be ideal for the laughs to be more and better. Despite this, it never hurts to discover everything that certain cultures have, which is a lot.

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