One does not get the golden break to pack the bags and go on trip every day. It undeniably happens once in a blue moon. Make such trips unforgettably etch on the minds of the co travellers by planning a “mystery trip”. Mystery trip is a trip planned by one in the group taking charge of flights, lodging, meals, etc. This person informs the destination just before the trip. There are even travel agencies in Italy, Venezuela who plan mystery trips for the travellers. To know more about such agencies visit CT.

There are lot more ideas and tips to make the trip more interesting. They are as follows:

Plan in advance

Planning in advance denotes planning a year ahead. This will help in finding the most memorable place. Also, one can pay more attention to the safety factors and accommodation. Apart from visits, the bookings of adventurous sport can also be made ahead of time. For instance, scuba diving in the Costa Rica coast has to be booked at least a week before and it also requires a short 1 day training. There are only 2 to 3 places that offer scuba diving adventures there.


If the closest friends are not able to make time, never invite some random people just to make the gang bigger. This might spoil the fun. Rather plan according to the number of people interested to join the trip. Also some might offer to bring sisters, cousins. This will also be an impediment as the person might not get along with the gang. For instance, the night life of Havana, Cuba is the best to explore. The Cuban women here at Casa de la Musica dance till the sun comes up. The place is the craziest of all the night outs. There are chances of missing such fun if the new person in the group is hesitant to night out considering safety.

Fix the number of days

Before selecting the spot, fix the number of days. This is because; when the days are short one can plan to destinations like Medelin which can be covered in 1 or 2 days. The major tourist spots of Medelin are Plaza Botero, JArdin Botanico, Parque Berrio and many other parks. If one is interested they can maximum extend the visit to 2 more days for a leisure stay at the coffee estates around Medelin.

On the other hand if one can afford to plan a lavish trip of say 15 days then destinations like Brazil or Bulgaria should be selected. Starting from the redeemer, Corcovado, Sugarloaf mountains, Brazil has various beautiful miraculous site seeing spots.


Decide on the budget after counting the heads. This helps to narrow down and widen the budget. Make a discussion on the limit everyone can spend on the trip. This helps to fix the budget. Plan the trip and fix the destinations after fixing the budget.

If it is an economical trip, then select places like Latvia, Moldova or Catagena. The travelling cost in Catagena is $44 per day. It includes food, transport and stay. Maximum of 3 to 4 days are sufficient to enjoy the trip to Cartegena. It has iconic forests with tunnels, palace of Inquisition, Las Bovedas (the dungeon). Latvia is also highly economical but is a marvellous beauty, one should never miss. She is more beautiful in winter! The Gauja National park, Rundale Palace are the must visit places and the budget spent here is far less.

On the other hand, if one can afford a lavish budget, places like Venezuela can be chosen. Every penny spent on the Venezuelan tours is worthy, though it is expensive. The views like the Angel falls just sweep away the heart of every traveller. The Amazon rain forest, Orinoco delta and Puerto Colombia are must visit places before one dies. It is a wide known fact that many top Mexican weather girls’ tour to Venezuela frequently.

Organise well

Always keep an account of who is spending and on what. As the money is being spent from the common lot, it is important to divide the expense correctly. To achieve this and make the trip more enjoyable, the responsibility of money has to be with the same person from the beginning till the end of the trip.

Honor mini traditions

Every place of locals will have a tradition close to their hearts. Never miss to live those traditions. For instance, the Lithuanian Opera and Ballet Theatre is a must to visit place. The night life of Lithuania is a must to experience as they have the best cocktail bars running only at night.

Plan few activities

There are certain activities one should definitely not miss when he visits a place. Plan such activities. For instance, the world’s best horse breeds are found in Brazil. Horse riding in Brazil is a must activity to do. It boasts its stunning landscapes and gives a royal feel when they ride the horses in the warm weather. Especially riding on Mangalarga, the national horse of Brazil is a compulsory check list if one plans to visit Brazil. To know more about horse riding spots in Brazil visit CT.

Allocate time for chatting

This is the most important thing as a friends group never get to meet often and talk openly. So make sure at least one accommodation has good couches. If the trip includes camp fire, the experiences are more memorable!