Computers are just like human beings in many aspects, although they are programmed to sell information faster as compared to human beings but there are times when these fast machines face troubles. These troubles are sometimes small in nature but if you do not know how to fix, you would never be able to bring your personal computer back in place. In order to make sure that you are searching for the relevant information, always match your error code to the solution to avoid any inconveniences. There are a lot of things that can malfunction a computer and you need to know exact problem in order to find the best solution. In this article, we would focus on the dpc watchdog violation error and try to fix it through different means.

First of all, you need not to worry about that because this error is common and many people face the same situation especially when they are using the windows 8, 8.1 and 10 operating systems. The reason why you need to stay calm is that it is a common issue and there is always an easy solution to a common problem. A lot of people have reported the same problem in past two years and there has been some fixed regarding this issue which are discussed here. But, first of all lets us see what exactly a dpc watchdog violation error is about.

What is this error?

There are some reasons that are associated to the malfunctioning and this type of particular error. These are:

    • Old driver version of your SSD drive
    • Un-supported SSD firmware
    • Some system files might be corrupted
    • Hardware incompatibilities

Most people have shifted to the SSD drives but they forget to check the SSD version on their PC which they are using whenever you upgrade your hard drive, you need to check with the firmware version to make sure everything is fine. In order to diagnose hardware malfunctioning, remove any recently installed hardware and check if the problem persists. These are the common solutions to this problem, now let us go and check what else can be done to remove the problem.

Remove all the external hardware attached to your computer

First, remove everything that is attached to your computer except the keyboard and the pointing device and check for the problem again. Most common examples of these hardware are the external hard disks, scanners, USB flash drives, printers and similar peripheral devices. These devices can cause the problem because when hardware is malfunctioned and incompatible with the software, there are chances to see the dpc watchdog violation error. If the error goes away, it means that one of your external device is causing the problem. Now you would be required to do the trouble shooting, separately attach one of the items and check with the consistency of error. In this way, you can find if any hardware incompatibility exists in your personal computer setup.

Check for the corrupted system files

Corrupted system files are yet another reason for this error. Open command prompt and type C: /F /R to run the automatic checking of the system files. It will ask you to reboot the system press Y and allow the computer to restart. After the computer is restarted it will check for the corrupted files, do not turn off the computer during this process and wait patiently. This might take a while to complete.

You can then scan and fix the system files to resolve your dpc watchdog violation issue by typing SFC /scannow and pressing enter in the command prompt. This process will also take some time, and you need to stay calm during all the process to make sure the PC performs the scan completely. If, after scanning the problem persists, you might need to check the firmware of your SSD drive. The following method can be used to verify that. Usually, you would be required to update the firmware to make the dpc violation go away.

SSD updating the firmware of your hard

When you start using the SSD drive on your computer, it is very important to update the firmware to make sure that you use the latest version, otherwise this error can occur. This is one of the most common causes of the error and you need to fix it as soon as possible to get rid of the error. In order to perform the update, you need to perform following steps:

  • Press Ctrl + E to launch file explorer
  • Go to the computer management, it will vary on the system you are using and scroll to the device manager
  • In device manager, locate the SSD drive that you are using in the hard drives menu
  • In the properties of SSD drive check the exact model number of the drive
  • Go to the manufacturers official website and check for your particular model
  • Download the latest firmware and install the updates, it will solve your problem

Bluescreen errors are most frustrating because these errors halt all the operations and you cannot proceed any further. Whenever you face dpc watchdog violation blue screen error, follow these simple steps and get rid of this error. These simple steps can be done at home and you need not to consult any specialist for this purpose. After performing the above mentioned steps, you will stop receiving this particular blue screen error.