If we are to go by events happening around us today, then one can safely say that the majority of the people you see around you need guidance from the upper realm to make living worthwhile. The atmosphere is full of fear of the unknown. Many faces that you see on the street are living through one regime of fear or the other.

The bottom line lies in the fact that the majority of the people that you will get to see around you cannot live their life alone; they need the wisdom and direction of someone who can connect with the spirit world to tell them about hidden facts in their past and the occurrence that is waiting to unfold in the future. The puzzle which we shall try to unravel here is how much should people pay for the information? Where can you get that cheap psychic around you? Attempts will be made to give valid answers to the poser.

Every New Client Wants To Know How Much They Are Going To Pay

A lot of things are happening in the sector and you will not believe what some people are made to part with for a session. There are cases of people complaining loudly about the amount their astrologers are charging them per session. The inflation currently sweeping across the world is not helping matters. Some of the astrologers charge as much as $150 dollars per hour! So go to the higher extent of charging per minute. If you care to know; there are cases of people who are charged $28 for every minute spent with the spiritualist. Therefore, you are advised to settle the issue of the price before you sign the dotted lines. That way, you will find yourself on the safe side of the divide.

How Do The Psychic Set His/her Price?

As in all professions, the world over; fixing a price is at the discretion of the practitioner involved. They will not just fix a price that is not reasonable or else they will lose out. What they do is to look around their environment and use the prevailing market conditions and happenings in the notch to fix their price. If you want a cheap psychic, then you are likely going to get that from those that are just starting out. You will not experience that with those that have gotten experience in the field.

It has been observed that the practitioner that you considered cheap today will definitely increase his fees as he gathers more experience in the notch and increases his investments in the trade. They will not allow their increased skills to go for nothing; hence they will cause their clients to pay more; although the clients will genuinely benefit from the skills of the psychic.

What Is The Average Price?

Price is an important factor as we said in the opening lines; you will not want to exceed what you can afford. If you are planning to consult one of these people that sees beyond the physical; then you have to get yourself to spend between $15 to $20. That is the average that you will get to see in some platform. The average that you will get to see per minute is $3.50. You can choose to have a longer session; your take may be an advisor that charges even higher; it all depends on your budget and preferences. You can as well decide to choose a longer session.

Above every other thing, get yourself adequately prepared by having a budget in mind. That done, get a timer handy to know how far you have gone. When you enter into the session, you will realize that the time has developed wings and it will seem as if it is flying. You have to get adequately prepared.

A One-On-One Session

You may decide to opt for a one-on-one session with the professional astrologer; in this regard, you will not get cheap psychic in this category. Though their rates vary; considering that, one can still say that some of them are cheap when compared to what you will get from the rest. If you want to connect with one of the reputable and experienced spiritualists around today; then the range is between $100- $150 for every hour of consultation. You will not get anything below that range. There are cases of people that charge as much as $1000 per session for a one-on-one as she is fully booked.

There Are Options In Form Of Packages

There are cases of several spiritualists who have adopted a strategy that delivers packages to their clients. Those in this category are miles apart from the cheap psychic that are common around us. Their approach as stepped up from having a session with clients; to those that signed them on, they have become a life coach to such set of people. The package that we are referring to here will include several sessions that are spread across months. This is for clients that want their lives to be controlled by the astrologer through consistent advice over the months which will have a remarkable impact on their fortunes in life.

There Are Options For Those That Want A Casual Interaction

However, there are several options for people who do not want something more than a casual interaction. If this is what you want; then it is pretty easy to get that cheap psychic that will give you the direction that you wanted through a session that is pocket-friendly. You can get through with it with as little as $10 per session and you will get quality reading.


The charges that you will get from the psychic is based on several factors. Those that are new to the system will charge less because they want to find their footing in the notch. With experience and investment in the notch; their rates will gradually increase. The bottom line is; know what you will pay per session before signing the dotted lines.