No matter how much effort you put into it and repeat the mantra of “keep calm, and marry on”, organizing a wedding (yours) generates nerves, questions, doubts, confusion, and above all stress. What if you leave everything in the hands of a wedding planner? We have spoken with them to explain what they do and why it is worth putting a wedding planner in yours.

What Is A Wedding Planner?

A wedding organizer or  wedding planner offers the services that the couple needs at all times. “You may have to take care of organizing the wedding from scratch; hire space, catering, photographer, etc; or they may hire us to coordinate the wedding day or design a decoration and styling proposal. We adapt to what the couple needs”, explains wedding planner Cristina Gamiz from Boda Condal.

Almost Like Mary Poppins

Claudia Martín, the soul of Entre Tonos Pastel considers that a wedding planner is more than just an organizer: “We try to be your advisers, companions, confidants and become the perfect complement for you to enjoy all the phases in which you find yourself. our couples always tell them that the wedding is not the X of July (or the month they get married), but that the wedding is already taking place and that the wedding day is the climax of all those months of preparations”.

Why Should I Hire A Wedding Planner?

Because “the result will be an event tailored to your needs and totally personalized. I always say that wedding planner are an investment for quality service and time and money savings”, explains Lidia Cañellas, founder of  Lidia’s Weddings and Events.

What Should Be Taken Into Account When Setting Up A Wedding?

For Aroa and Sonia, from Miss Little Things, it is essential to know the style of wedding that the bride and groom want: “Sometimes couples don’t know what they want and that makes the process a little slower. It is essential that all the suppliers that they are hiring are exactly what they are looking for, not because of trends, or by other people’s mouths, but what they really want. Once they have everything clear…, the enjoyment is maximum!”, comments Aroa Parra.

Dare To Dream

Behind Colorín Colorado is Eva Iglesias who invites the bride and groom to imagine the wedding they want: “Many times, couples have the same wedding that they have seen with a friend or cousin, simply because they never thought that theirs did not have to be The most important thing is to think about how you imagine the wedding of your dreams, in a forest? In a palace in the center of the city? With 700 people or maybe only 30? I think it is important not to get carried away by what always and do what everyone really wants”.

When Should You Start Planning A Wedding?

All wedding planners agree that the ideal is to start organizing the wedding in a year (a year and a half if you have the place and day in mind). Estel and Vivi, the reasons that make  Stress & Success work, consider that the best date “is after the engagement to be able to work with time on a project as important as the wedding. Now, complete weddings are also set up in 2 months,! fulfilling all the requirements and demands of the bride and groom! But in that case, yes or yes, you need someone to help you speed up the procedures”.

Where Does A Wedding Planner Work?

Although the offices of the wedding planners with whom we have spoken are mainly in Catalonia, Madrid, or Valencia, when you hire a wedding planner she follows you to the end of the world. As Eva Iglesias, from Bodas Colorín, says, “If a road arrives, we arrive!”

How Many Times Do You Meet With Your Wedding Planner?

Natalia Fernández, together with her sister Lola, director of Wedding Planners confesses that “the ideal thing is to have regular meetings to explain the advances in the organization”. However, thanks to technology, she adds, “we can maintain a very fluid communication that makes Although they are not here to oversee every detail, they can feel secure and confident that everything is being done just the way they want it to be.”

And What About The Wedding Day?

Lara Ruiz, from  Clandestine Events, explains that they are the first to arrive and we will stay until the last guest leaves, for anything that may happen. For us, it is very important that the couple feel comfortable and totally unconcerned about the organization, and that they can enjoy their day to the fullest.

Is It Very Expensive To Hire A Wedding Planner?

“The important thing is that you dare to ask for a budget,” advises Eva Iglesias, “because many bride and groom are surprised by the prices and realize that having a wedding planner  is often a very cheap luxury.”

What Will The Weddings Of 2019 Be Like?

Lidia Cañellas advances that this year “is loaded with a much more natural decoration with minimalist touches, albeit in full color. Without a doubt, the trend that is most imposed is cocktail-type weddings leaving the protocol of sitting down so that everyone can interact Brides will opt for comfort in their dresses and many of them will say goodbye to the typical princess dresses to say hello to bridal pants and touches of color in the dresses.”

Eco-Friendly Weddings Gain Weight

Lara Ruiz, wedding planner at Clandestine Events confesses that “the connection with nature is beginning to be the protagonist in weddings and that is why we will see weddings that are more aware of the environment. Stay with the zero waste concept,” she warns.