There are times when cats seem to get enough of having to claw something and this includes sofas, tree trunks, or even your carpet. Scratching by the cats can really be a problem especially if you don’t understand the reason behind it. Instead of punishing your pet, you can check out at for some of the best scratching posts to purchase for it.

What is a scratching post for the cat?

There are some people who call it a cat tree, others call it cat tower. It is given different names by different people: feline stand, kitty condo or just a cat post. It doesn’t really matter which name you give it but the main purpose of this item is for the cat to scratch. It is almost the same as a stand for birdcage except that, the structure doesn’t have a cage. Instead of a cage, it is adorned with resting or sleeping quarters or just perches, play areas and activity centers. It is a man-made structure which is designed to allow the cat to relax, play, sleep and exercise on. It is an all in one structure with some areas of it serving as scratching areas to meet the need of the cat to scratch.

What to consider before purchasing a scratching post for the cat

When you are buying a scratching post for your cat, there are some things which are important to put into consideration which will include but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Multi-activity tower or just for scratching?

When you go out to shop at, you will be met by various designs and thus, you will have to decide if you just want a scratching post or one that will be able to serve for other activities of the cat. If you are only looking for a scratching board, then it would be best for you to save that money and just make for yourself one at home. But if you wish to get something where the cat will do a variety of activities including the scratching and sleeping, then get a scratching tower, which comes with several levels and accessories making it a good investment.

  • Getting the right materials

Different scratching towers for the cat are made from different materials. There are some which are made from durable cardboard while others are made from fabric or wood. If your cat loves the outdoors, then get a wooden scratching post from as your choice. If you are looking for something which is durable yet light, then get the fabric one.

  • Sturdiness and durability

Since in most instances, the scratching posts are normally vertical structures, they tend to be taller as compared to their width and thus, stability is very important. When the structure is taller, then its base needs to be wider. But in most instances, this will mean that it has to occupy a lot of space in your house. It needs then to come with a mechanism which will allow you to secure it on the floor or on the wall. Whichever way you choose, being able to secure the post is supposed to be simple. If it looks complex, then get something else.

Why Do Cats Require Scratching Posts?

Cats naturally love scratching and thus, the scratching posts will give them a place where they will dedicate their scratching, exercise, and playtime. It also gives them a place to rest after playing without having to go around looking for an alternative place.

Since the cat’s posts are also designed for scratching, the cat is able to remove its nail sheaths which have grown old from its claws in order to stimulate the growth of new ones. The scratching posts help the cat to exercise, stretching their back, tone their muscles, and stretch their back.

For many cats, the post for scratching serves to them as a means to release their stress, frustrations, and even boredom. The post for scratching will also allow the cat to warm up first before engaging in vigorous activities of play.

Choosing the Right Materials

You will need to be careful when choosing the material for your cat’s scratching post. There are a variety of materials out there to choose from. To give you an idea of the best material for your pet, you will need to consider the following.

  • Cats in general like sturdy materials but which can at the same time, be able to use their claws to shred it. If it is unable to tear into the material, then it will start looking for somewhere else. A cat doesn’t get satisfaction by only scratching, they want to see that they are making a dent on it.
  • You will have to stay clear of products which use carpet as scratching surface to avoid enticing the cat from scratching your real carpet on the floor. Provide your cat with material which is totally different from other things which are in your house. Otherwise, if the cat gets bored with their tower, they will start focusing their attention on other things which have a similar texture.
  • It is advisable that you go for sisal fabric materials as they tend to be heavy duty. Though tough, they allow some degree of the shredding which the cat loves. Sisal rope might be an option if that is your preference but if not, you don’t have to be obliged, get what is best for you.