How to travel with children

Rules for a sustainable family trip: how to go on vacation with your children respecting the environment and polluting as little as possible. Many people like traveling and families are not excluded. Even if facing a flight or long car journeys with children is not always easy, with a few tricks, you can make your holidays a wonderful adventure. But how to combine the love for travel with respect for the environment? Here are the rules for a sustainable family trip. 

What does sustainable travel mean?

How to travel with children

While it opens your mind and allows you to raise more aware children, traveling has a significant impact on the environment, starting with the choice of means of transport to the way of experiencing the destination. Even the choice of the destination itself often has important consequences on the footprint we leave on the planet: one thing is to go to Costa Rica, for example, and sleep in an eco-lodge. Another is to go to places like dubai and go skiing (yes can!) in one of the huge shopping malls.  Use wood baby walker if baby can walk little.

Choose the eco-friendly destination

It is therefore important to travel in a sustainable way with the family, to choose places where there is no contribution to pollution and where sustainability is a priority. It is obvious that many countries can be reached by plane, a means of transport that causes a large part of the co2 emissions in the air, but if you can choose “The lesser evil,” it is already one thing. Among the most sustainable and environmentally friendly destinations you will find: 







Costa rica



Which means of transport to travel in a sustainable way?

As you can imagine, the plane is the most comfortable way to cover long distances but also the most polluting, even if the car is no different. If you really want to embark on a sustainable journey, you can opt for the train or the bike: there are many possibilities to travel across europe by train (for example, there is a direct train from milan to paris, but you can actually get anywhere! ), which have nothing to do with the old interrails of when you were kids, or many associations organize cycle tourism to reach different locations. 

Cruising is not a sustainable type of travel: the amount of garbage, waste, wasted food and much more reaches important levels. 

Tips for a sustainable family trip

You have therefore decided on the destination and the means of transport, so here are some tips to try to travel in the most sustainable way possible with your children. 

Do not print the tickets

Avoid printing airline tickets and all that is not necessary, such as guides or others, but equip yourself with digital versions. 

Use public transport or bikes

On-site, avoid constantly taking taxis but prefer public transport and bicycles, or rent electric vehicles. 

Choose low-impact hotels 

Especially if you go to exotic locations, select the structure well by choosing it based on the environmental impact. 

Always do a separate collection

Even if you are traveling, don’t forget to sort your waste. If you are in a place where there are no bins for different materials, take the garbage home (except organic) and divide it later. 

Limit washing

There is no need to wash the towels every day. Ask that they do not change them at the hotel. Likewise, avoid making washing machines unless strictly necessary (you can wash your underwear by hand). 

The gestures to respect the environment and travel in a sustainable way with the family are simpler than you think: we teach our children to respect the environment everywhere, even on vacation!

What changes when you go on vacation with children?

It’s not that when you have children, you can’t go on vacation, or that it’s hopelessly page down the line. It is simply… different!


Whether we were one of those who left with a trolley in two, or those who left with a trolley just for shoes, the question of luggage is destined to change radically when there are infants in tow. If the child is small, every trip is a mini movie. And if he is older, ditto, if only for the fact that he will get dirty twice a day and we will not want to do the washing machine every day even on vacation. The result is the same: tons of luggage, an angry husband, a last-minute decision to leave with two cars, and for us it’s already a lot if there is room for an extra pair of underwear.

The place

Which destinations are best suited for a trip with children? Impossible to opt for the infamous desert island or for any place in the world that has no inhabited center, with well-stocked shops and pharmacies a few kilometers away. Or rather, whoever succeeds is an organizational genius: because even if you have planned your luggage months in advance, there will always be something missing.

The sleep

Perhaps we had never thought about it, but an indisputable plus of the holidays was, for many other people and for us, not having timetables. Go to bed late but above all get up very late. Now, it’s someone else who dictates the law. It means bed at 20.30 and wakes up at 7. If we think about it, it’s not too bad: it’s healthy and allows us to enjoy the whole day (even if good nights become off-limits!)

The activities

On a holiday that truly involves the whole family, obviously, you are together. And if you’re together with a penny-pinch-tall creature, it means no kayaking, diving lessons, or late evening movies. All these activities are replaced by walks on the beach, sandcastles trips to the zoo or picnics on the lawn – and maybe we will find we have even more fun!


Vacation spending doesn’t necessarily increase, but it changes. There are now one or two more people, but the destinations are “Quieter” and often closer to home. We rarely eat out, and not twice a day like on a couple’s holidays. And a walk on the beach is generally less expensive than a kayaking lesson.

The hotel

Before, a hotel was fine if it had nearby parking and an internet connection. Now, there are many characteristics to consider before choosing: including the thickness of the walls and the proximity to a hypermarket.

The photos

Now that the kids are around, taking pictures while traveling becomes even more important. It is as if our holiday moments were even more “To remember”: with nostalgia when the children are adults and refuse to come on holiday with us elderly parents!